Portia Hein - Red, Yellow Blue

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Take five (almost half a dozen), 2010 Oil On Canvas 36 X 36" © Traywick Contemporary and the artist
Portia Hein - Red, Yellow Blue

895 Colusa Avenue
Berkeley , CA 94707
October 3rd, 2010 - December 18th, 2010

East Bay
Thursday- Saturday 10 to 4, by appointment


Traywick Contemporary is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by Los Angeles based artist Portia Hein. This will be Hein’s first solo show with Traywick Contemporary.

Portia Hein’s newest paintings and drawings continue her translation of the natural world into a personally resonant language of marks, color and texture. Images of birds, trees and celestial bodies find themselves coalescing or breaking apart amidst rays of light, night skies and turpentine washes. Hein makes use of strong, primary colors which symbolize potential and a genesis of possibilities. Imagery of leafing trees, nests and celestial bodies similarly symbolize new growth, birth and possibility. Working largely from memory, Hein draws on the emotional as well as the physical attributes of place. Like memory, the surfaces of her paintings are varied.  Some parts are thick, vibrant and richly textured, while others, like gaps in memory, are thinly painted and vaguely suggested rather than wholly depicted.

Portia Hein earned her BFA from the University of California, Santa Cruz, before receiving her MFA from the University of Texas at Austin. Her work has been exhibited extensively, including solo and group shows at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego and California State University, Los Angeles, as well as several international exhibitions.