Peak Experiences

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© Courtesy of Mission Cultural Center For Latino Arts
Peak Experiences

2868 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
September 29th, 2010 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Artist talk
(415) 643-2797
Tue - Sat 10am-5pm
panel discussion, Talk


Celebrate San Francisco is a gallery-based exhibit to be launched at the Mission Cultural Center. It is a pilot project focused on two simple questions: How are San Franciscans celebrating the human experience given present circumstances? And, what innovations/best practices are being developed in local communities and industries that can be replicated on a broader scale? By meaningfully engaging the dynamic talent present in San Francisco, we hope that gallery visitors will have greater reason to celebrate the life and culture of the City.

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September 29, 7-9pm: Peak Experiences, a panel discussion with project participants moderated by D. Scot Miller. Free Event. More than an interrogation or Q&A, this talk will focus on the works in the exhibition and how they came to be – the peak experience – that has brought us all together.

D.Scot Miller is a Bay Area writer, visual artist, teacher and curator. He sits on the board of  directors of nocturnes review, and is a regular Contributor to The East Bay Express, San  Francisco Bay Guardian, Popmatters, and Mosaic Magazine. He is completing a book of  poems, his Afro-surreal novel, Knot From Hear, and has recently published his old Fashioned manifesto simply titled: Afro Surreal.

Angela Angel has worked on numerous projects focusing on youth Organizing, immigrant  rights, global justice and ecological sanity. She Is a multi-disciplinary artist, documentary  photographer, freelance Writer and poet. When she is not documenting musicians like  Latin soul singer, Joe Bataan, or the plight of coffee farmers in Africa and Central America,  she is busy exploring the boundaries of what else is Possible. Angela has exhibited and  performed across the country and Belongs to local art-activist collectives.

Darren de Leon is Xicano. He is also a poet and vigilant man of the Airwaves. An advocate  of growing your own food, cultural understanding And social justice, he also makes time to  enjoy a Raiders, Lakers, or Dodger’s game in his free time. De Leon is an experienced  educator at the High school and college level specializing in literature, creative Writing, and  composition. He presently works as the Youth Arts Manager at Yerba Buena Center  for the Arts and hosts Radio 2050, a weekly Latino Arts and Culture Program on KPFA.

Toan Lam is the creator and host of (GIG) 501(c)(3), a website that  uses social media and multimedia platforms to inspire  social change. GIG produces  character driven stories that highlight personal contributions to the community.  The goal is to help viewers discover their power and use it to help others through civic  engagement. Toan has 10 years of television industry experience, both in-front and behind-the camera reporting in San Francisco (KRON), ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates  across the country, and PBS's California Heartland.  He also teaches and writes  curriculum for the Academy of Art and the University of San Francisco.

Drawing from the language of dreams, spiritual iconography, and popular imagery,  Susana Valdez creates work that attempts to transcend a static notion of the self and  femininity through the creation of a self-like character that populates the realm of her  paintings and drawings. Trained as both a painter and photographer, Susana has  explored a variety of media. She has shown locally and abroad, at Galeria de la Raza,  MACLA, and El Museo de la Ciudad de Cuernavaca, among others. This is her first  collaboration with her partner, Composer David Molina.