The Biomimicry Project

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Autonomic Episodes 1 , 2005 Pigment Print, Paper, Ink With Cutouts Edition Of 10 Signed And Numbered, 22'' X 18''
The Biomimicry Project Coat, 2010 Organic Hand Made Wool Felt, Silk Thread, & Vegetable Seeds Dimensions Variable Coat Made To Order

Phil McGaughy
Untitled 1, 2008 Bass Wood, And Manzanita 20'' X 12'' X 12'
Erratum: Attempts to Reverse the Waste Stream, 2010 Framed Digital Print From Video 16 X 20
The Biomimicry Project
Curated by: Zoe Alexander Fisher

1275 Minnesota Street
Suite 206
94107 San Francisco

August 7th, 2010 - August 28th, 2010
Opening: August 7th, 2010 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Other (outside areas listed)
Tue 1-5 Wed-Sat 11-5 and by appointment
Biomimicry, nature, Art/Fashion/Culture, Fashion-Design, environment, bioart mixed-media installation, conceptual, sculpture


The Biomimicry Project asks its participants to think of their product as a process. Through the process of design, production, consumption and disposal, Biomimicry Project producers work to BIOMIMIC - to integrate, to honor, to open a dialogue with, to give visibility to, and to be inspired by – the natural processes which run parallel and play an integral part in their production. "We are a part of the natural world, not separate from it, and have a shared path with reciprocal actions: while we impact hard on nature, nature also influences us. Giving form to this connectedness and reciprocity is a key part of sustainability" (Sustainable Textiles). The Biomimicry Project utilizes nature’s solutions to illuminate the relationship between human and natural systems.

Adriane Colburn has contributed her Episodes project, which were produced as an edition of ten hand-cut Digital prints with ink, published by Gallery 16, San Francisco.

Zoe Alexander Fisher curated the Biomimicry Project and created The Biomimicry Project coat. This couture coat is a product and a process; Hand felted with 100% organic undyed wool (which is an excellent nitrogen fertilizer for soil) and inlayed with vegetable garden seeds, this coat is meant to be worn during the winter season and then planted in the earth during the spring to create a food producing organic garden in the summer. The coat can be ordered in custom sizes and will be made to order.

Futurefarmers:  Amy Franceschini + Michael Swaine

Phil McGaughy has a created an eight foot sculpture made from redwood and construction paper, acrylic paint which will be displayed in the center of the gallery.

Audrey Snyder included an artwork made of sugar that will melt and dissolve throughout the course of the exhibit


And POP-UP-SHOP Featuring The General Store + The Botany Factory