This is all about word of mouth. Words delivered with vocal abandon\, echoing through the galleries as they skitter off fragile images in flight\; delivered live and full-bodied by artists\, poets\, and mediama kers who have an allegiance to cinema\, but enjoy the skirmish between the anxious utterance and the fleeting image. Los Angeles–based media artist Jo rdan Biren brings us All That Passes Before You\, Already in Ruin\, a spect ral film that suggests “the illusory promise of narrative” but finds it man ifest not in his projected ghostly landscapes but in his recitation of “bod ily words.” Local curator and artist Konrad Steiner has repurposed the Japa nese tradition of benshi performance—oral narration for silent cinema—as “a cabaret of poetry\, satire\, and homage.” Poets and other provocateurs ren der mute sequences from extant cinema while firing a fusillade of verbal ma sh-ups and hacked critiques. For this performance\, Steiner has enlisted Ja ime Cortez\, Jennifer Nellis\, Erika Staiti\, Anuj Vaidya\, and the tag tea m of Robin Rajen Sukhadia and Neelanjana Banerjee.


Preceded at 6 p. m. by one of our favorite KALX DJs spinning in the lobby\, where wine and b eer are available for purchase.

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