InterMission V seeks interested players to par ticipate in a public performance / installation on Friday\, January 15\, 20 10 at the Adobe Bookshop Storefronts on 16th Street in the Mission\, SF beg inning at 6pm. SIMPLY COME ON BY TO PARTICIPATE!


PLAY by the RUL ES is the fifth of six InterMissions and is created by artist Mi mi Moncier in collaboration with architect Alan Lewis as part of the Adobe Parlor Projects (curated by Devon Bella).  PLAY by the RULES will be a performance / installation that will occur in one evening where the part icipants will play the card game War as the space around them is bei ng consumed by card constructions of their own making. The object of the pe rformance is to finish the game of War before the war for space engu lfs the Play. InterMissions are short intermittent events in and aro und the window areas that challenge our cultural notions of display\, exhib ition and social activity. Thematically\, each will refer to the production of space as an ongoing and ever-changing activity within which we are all participating. PLAY by the RULES will specifically examine the somet imes arbitrary nature of alliances as they are made and broken through time .

LOCATION:Adobe Books Backroom Gallery\,3130 24th Street \nSan Francisco\, C alifornia 94110 SUMMARY:InterMission V: PLAY by the RULES\, Alan Lewis\, Mimi Moncier END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR