Saturday\, June 1\, 2013
6:30-10:00pm\; live auction st arts promptly at 8:00pm


$20 standard admission / $40 admission with unlimited cocktail service

Advanced tickets: http://thelabauction.brow
Auction preview and early bidding: thelab

Join us at a special event to support The Lab's exper imental programming. Featuring a portfolio of very limited edition prints\, an auction with a few surprises\, and some exclusive but affordable pieces \, don't miss this unique opportunity to own work by Bay Area artists who r edefined the international art scene. Start your art collection here!

Prints by D-L Alvarez\, Tammy Rae Car land\, Anthony Discenza\, Desiree Holman\, Chris Johanson\, Alicia McCarthy \, Barry McGee\, Rubi Neri\, Trevor Paglen\, and Clare Rojas\, in a special wooden box designed by Andrew Berg.

Limited Editions
Ajit Chauhan\, Seth Coen\, Randy Colosky\, Amanda Curreri\, Dor on Fishman\, Maggie Haas\, Mary Anne Kluth\, Zachary Royer Scholz\, Michael Ryan\, Clare Szydowlski

Live Auction
Facu ndo ArgaƱaraz\, Michelle Blade\, Matt Borruso\, Ala Ebtekar\, Kota Ezawa\, Mark Flood\, Xylor Jane\, Paul Mullins\, Mariah Robertson\, and Gareth Spor .

Your generous support of The Lab will fund innovative projects and future programming.

Contact for further information.

The Lab
2948 16th St.
Sa n Francisco\, CA 94103
(415) 864-8855

The Lab would lik e to thank Trumer Pils\, Dickerman Prints\, Arches Paper\, Paul Discoe\, 20 9 Distillery\, Steven Wolf\, Keith Boadwee\, Kala Art Institute\, and Nick Karvounis for their generous contributions.

LOCATION:The Lab\,2948 16th Street \nSan Francsico\, CA 94103 SUMMARY:Limited at The Lab\, D-L Alvarez\, Facundo ArgaƱaraz\, Andrew Berg (Woodworker)\, Michelle Blade\, Matt Borruso\, Tammy Rae Carland\, Ajit Cha uhan\, Seth Coen\, Randy Colosky\, Amanda Curreri\, Anthony Discenza\, Ala Ebtekar\, Kota Ezawa\, Doron Fishman\, Mark Flood\, Maggie Haas\, Desiree H olman\, Xylor Jane\, Chris Johanson\, Mary Anne Kluth\, Alicia McCarthy\, B arry McGee\, Paul Mullins\, Rubi Neri\, Trevor Paglen\, Mariah Robertson\, Clare Rojas\, Michael Ryan\, Zachary Royer Scholz\, Gareth Spor\, Clare Szy dowlski END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR