Unknown but Knowable States will feature rare and ground-breaking paintings\, drawings\, and sculptures by Doroth ea Tanning. For the first time\, the gallery will be dedicating th e entire 5\,000 square foot space to the work of one artist\, paying tribut e to Tanning’s fearless vision and prolific body of work. Focusing on works creating between 1960 and 1979\, during which the Surrealist artist and wr iter lived\, worked\, and exhibited in Paris\, the show will include over t hirty pieces\, and will be documented in a 60-page catalog featuring an ess ay by Catriona McAra.

I ncluded amongst these works will be Chiens de Cythère (Dogs of Cythera) (1963)\, a turbulent composition in oil on canvas displaying an erotic ally charged\, organic abstraction prefiguring that of contemporary art sta r Cecily Brown\, and Tanning’s largest painting ever completed. Soft sculpt ures like Étreinte(1969) elaborate on this unbridled\, biomorphic aesthetic \, emulating her seminal installation piece Hôtel du Pavot\, Chambre 20 2 (1970-73.) This work originally exhibited in and now in the collecti on of the Centre George Pompidou in Paris\, prefigures contemporary install ation artists such as Urs Fischer\, Sandy Skoglund\, and Kim Dingle by deca des. Much like Unknown but Knowable States\, a quote attributed to Tanning herself during this period\, the works protrude from the walls\, g row from the floor\, and define a haunting physical and psychological space . As a whole the exhibition offers a rare\, in-depth opportunity to experie nce the scope and magnitude of work Tanning accomplished during two product ive decades of her long career.

Dorothea Tanning’s work is included in nearly fifty museum collect ions including The Museum of Modern Art\, New York\, The Smithsonian Americ an Art Museum\, the Tate Modern\, Los Angeles County Museum of Art\, and th e Hood Museum of Art. Her paintings\, drawings\, prints\, and sculptures ha ve been widely exhibited in the US and abroad\, and her poetry has appeared in such publications as the Yale Review\, the New Yorker\, and Poetry. Born in 1910 in Galesburg\, Illinois\, Dorothea Tanning stud ied in Chicago before meeting art dealer Julien Levy\, and the Surrealist p ainter Max Ernst in New York. A contributing participant to the Surrealist movement\, she went on to marry Ernst in a double ceremony with Man Ray and Juliet Browner. She and Ernst lived and worked in the US and France during their 34 years together. Tanning passed away in Manhattan in 2012 at the a ge of 101. Gallery Wendi Norris has been working with Tanning and The Dorot hea Tanning Foundation for nearly six years\, and this is the second solo e xhibition of her work with the gallery.

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