The Shout         
Jerzy Skolimowski (U.K.\, 1978). A y oung couple (John Hurt\, Susannah York) find their polite English afternoon s interrupted by the arrival of a psychotic\, seductive stranger (Alan Bate s). With a jarring electronic-music score and a soundtrack by Genesis. “An intense\, haunting work” (Michel Ciment). (86 mins)


Series Title: H ands Up! Essential Skolimowski
Actor\, director\, poet\, painter\, box er: Polish filmmaker Jerzy Skolimowski is a man of many roles. A key figure in the groundbreaking Polish New Wave of the 1960s\, his early films such as Identification Marks: None\, Barrier\, and Walkover encapsulated the ali enation and restlessness of a generation of young Eastern Europeans coming of age against not only an older\, established generation\, but an entire s ystem of bureaucratic confinement. His films\, with their constantly on-the -move characters and relentlessly flowing camerawork (Walkover is comprised of only thirty-four takes)\, are taut with a raw power and a stifled energ y that surprise to this day\; after falling afoul of censors with the radic al allegory Hands Up! Skolimowski himself was soon stifled.

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