Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials


Mary Walling Blackburn


Curated by Valerie Imus


Can knee -jerk nationalism be swapped for a wild love of the local or is patriotism always collusion with Empire? Mary Walling Blackburn and Anhoek School pres ent Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials\, a series of one-on-one tuto rials for participants with artists\, activists\, ecologists\, and academic s from various disciplines. Tutors engage participants in individualized in quiries into the nature of citizenship and its enactment. Together both the tutor and the participant will deconstruct the terms of what it means to b e a citizen\, upset its definition as based on a principle of exclusion\, a nd redefine it as practice rather than status. The length of each tutorial will be negotiated on site between each participant and tutor\, ranging fro m five minutes to an hour.

In addition to the tutorials occurr ing in the gallery\, selected materials and documentation from the tutorial s on Governor’s Island in New York City is on display\, including those by Caroline Woolard\, Judd Morrisey\, Mark Jeffrey\, Natasha Marie Llorens\, R egine Basha\, Slought Foundation and Sofia Gallisa Muriente amongst others.

Visit for the full schedule of the tutorials and more information on the project.

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