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"Woodies", Fred Schlatter, 2011 Carved Wood, Stains, Enamels, Varnish, 23karat Gold Leaf, Palladium Leaf 42" X 22.5" © Fred Schlatter
Feather Light Ride, (The Woodies Series), 2010 Modified 1930's Wood Spoke Truck Wheel, Carved Mahogany Tire, Carved Poplar Hubcap, Custom Machined Bronze Capnuts, 40 Hand Carved Maple Feathers Set Into 40 Soldered Copper And Bronze Fittings Drilled Into Mahogany Tire Spaced Every 9 Degrees. 42 Inches Diameter © Fred Schlatter
Feather Light Ride detail, 2010 © Fred Schlatter
Fleet Wood Mack, (The Woodies Series), 2007 Late 1940's Mack Truck Bulldog, Jelutong, Teak, Mohagony, New Zealand Jarrah, Red Oak, Verdigis Finished Custom Built Copper Radiator Core. 42"X27.5"X7" © Fred Schlatter
Fleet Wood Mack detail, 2007 See Full Sized View For Details. © Fred Schlatter
Buick Ate Wood, (The Woodies series), 2008 Modified 1937 Buick 8 Grille, Jelutong, Walnut, Teak, Maple, Sycamore, Verdigris Copper, Satin Spar Varnish, And Fender Welting. 22.5 Inches Front To Back By 16.5 Inches Side To Side By 15.75 Inches High. © Fred Schlatter
Buick Ate Wood detail See Full Sized View For Details. © Fred Schlatter
Woody Soto (The Woodies Series), 2006 1951 De Soto Hood Ornament, Oak, Mohagany, Cnc Milled Name Plates, Fender Welting. 24" Long X 8.75" Wide X 6.5" High © Fred Schlatter
Woody Soto detail, See full sized view for details © Fred Schlatter
Pontiac Bird Chief, (The Woodies Series), 2010 1952 Pontiac Hood Ornament, Teak, Jelutong, Osage Orange, Steel, Automotive Fender Welting 45" X 24" X 23" © Fred Schlatter
Pontiac Bird Chief detail See Full Sized View For Details. © FredSchlatter
Chevwoody Wheel, (The Woodies Series), 2007 1933 Chevrolet Wire Wheel, Jelutong, Teak, Maple, Cocobolo, Walnut, Ebony 29" Diameter X 8" Deep © Fred Schlatter
Chevwoody Wheel detail, 2007 See Full Sized View For Details. © Fred Schlatter
Plymouth Rock (The Woodies Series), 2012 Canadian Black Steatite, 1937 Plymouth Hood Ornament, Steel, Varnished Maple 45" H X 24" Diameter Base © Fred Schlatter
Plymouth Rock, 2012 Canadian Black Steatite, 1937 Plymouth Hood Ornament 16"H X 14"W X 12"D © Fred Schlatter
Plymouth Rock (left back view), 2012 Canadian Black Steatite, 1937 Plymouth Hood Ornament 16"H X 14"W X 12"D © Fred Schlatter
Plymouth Rock (Detail), 2012 Carved Canadian Steatite, 1937 Plymouth Hood Ornament 16" H X 14"W X 12" D © Fred Schlatter
California Woody 1933 (The Woodies Series), 2012 1933 Chevrolet Tail Light License Plate Assembly, Walnut, Ebony, Maple, Red Oak 15" High X 12.75" Wide X 16" Deep © Fred Schlatter
California Woody 1933 (detail of carved wood license plate), 2012 Licence Plate Is Carved From Ebony, Maple, And Red Oak License Plate Is 12.5" Wide X 6.25" Hight X 0.5" Thick © Fred Schlatter
California Woody 1933 (lit detail), 2012 1933 Chevrolet Tail Light Assembly, Carved Walnut, Ebony, Maple, Red Oak, Fender Welting 15" High X 12.75" Wide X 16" Deep © Fred Schlatter
33 Chevy Woody, 2011 24 Inches X 11 Inches X 4.25 Inches © Fred Schlatter
California Dreaming, (The Woodies Series), 2003 Oak, Varnish, Enamel, White Gold Leaf 20 Inches Diameter By 2 Inches Thick © Fred Schlatter
33 Chevy Bird (on floor stand), 2014 1933 Chevrolet Grille, Twilight Headlights, Horns, Radiator Mascot, Bowtie, Jelutong, Mohogany, American Beechwood, And Fender Welting, 126 Inches Wide By 58 Inches High By 14 Inches Deep © Fred Schlatter
'33 Chevy Bird (with friend Manuel Neri to show size)
'33 Chevybird (detail)
"Holy Toledo, They're Willys Knights" (Woodies Series), 2015 1924 Willys Knight Wheel & Willys Grease Cap, Silicon Bronze, Jelutong, Redwood, Rubber, Fender Welting 49 Inches By 49 Inches By 9.25 Inches © Fred Schlatter
Holy Toledo They're Willys Knights, (side view)
Holy Toledo They're Willys Knights (detail view)
Fly Wheel (Woodies Series sculpture), 2015 1930's Wood Spoke Wheel, Jelutong, Teak, Fender Welting 50 Inches X 36 Inches X 11 Inches © Fred Schlatter
Fly Wheel, second detail view, (The Woodies Series), 2015 © Fred Schlatter
Fly Wheel, (Woodies Series), second view
Fly Wheel (detail of talons)
Frontier Visitor (Manifest Destiny Series), 1976 Jelutong, Steel Copper, Brass 44" Long X 25.5" Wide X 3" Deep © Fred Schlatter
No Deposit, No Return (Manifest Destiny Series), 1977 Maple, Steel, Copper, Brass, 23k Gold Leaf 13" Wide X 19.5" Long X 3" Deep © Fred Schlatter
Leather Jac, 1974 Leather, Walnut, Copper, Brass © Fred Schlatter
Wood Jac, 1974 Weathered Wood, Aluminum, Steel 120" High © Fred Schlatter
Wood Jac (another view) Recycled Wood, Aluminum 120" High
Phocus, 1975 Weathered Wood, Aluminum, Smoked Acrylic, Bronze, Steel, Custom Machined Ball Bearing Base (For Rotation) 47" Wide X 57.75" High X 39.25 " Deep Artist’S Statement: Back In 1972 I Began Taking Art And Non Major Industrial Arts Classes At Laney College (Starting At The Old Campus While The Grounds Were Being Prepared To Build The New Campus). As Bulldozers Bega © Fred Schlatter
Phocus (rotation bearing detail) © Fred Schlatter
Table Puzzle (Walnut Puzzle Series), 1973 Walnut, Smoked Acrylic, Brass (Puzzle Can Be Assembled In Several Different Configurations) © Fred Schlatter
Synchatron (Walnut Puzzle Series), front view., 1972 Walnut And Brass 50.5" High X 30" Deep X 35" Wide © Fred Schlatter
Syncatron (Walnut Puzzle Series), back view , 1972 Walnut And Brass 50.5" High X 30" Deep X 35" Wide © Fred Schlatter
Synchatron (Walnut Puzzle Series), side view, 1972 Walnut And Brass, 50.5" High X 30" Deep X 35" Wide © Fred Schlatter
Syncatron (walnut puzzle series), 1972 Walnut And Bronze 50 Inches Hight, By 35 Inches Wide, By 28 Inches Deep © Fred Schlatter
Table Puzzle #3 (walnut puzzle series), 1973 Walnut, Smoked Acrylic, Brass © Fred Schlatter
Wood Carver's Mailbox, 2004 Western Red Cedar 60" High X 25.75" Wide X 17" Deep © Fred Schlatter
Wood Carver's Mailbox (view from right side), 2004 Western Red Cedar 60' High X 25.75" Wide X 17" Deep
My Hat, 1983 Hand Sewn Velvet Lined Herringbone Tweed Hat, Sterling Silver And Gold Button With Cabochon Garnet Mounted With A 14 Karat Gold Bezel (See Button Detail). Also The In The Picture Is A Carved Ivory Feather, With A Ferrule Mounted Cabochon Garnet. © Fred Schlatter
My Hat (button detail), 1983 Detail Of Sterling Silver And 14 Karat Gold Button, With A Cabochon Garnet Mounted With A 14 Karat Gold Bezel, On A Hand Sewn Velvet Lined Herringbone Tweed Hat. © Fred Schlatter
Judi's Bracelet, 1978 Sterling Silver, Green Transvaal Garnets. © Fred Schlatter
Willys Overland Box, 2012 Willys Overland Emblem, Redwood 14.125" X 6.875" X 3" © Fred Schlatter
Willys Overland Box (open), 2012 Willys Overland Emblem, Redwood 14.125" X 6.875" X 3" © Fred Schlatter
Dodge Bros Box, 2012 Cherry Wood, Oak, Rosewood, Antique Dodge Grille Emblem. 9.25 © Fred Schlatter
Scarab box, 1988 Walnut, Maple, Carved Ivory Scarab Knob, With Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, Cabochon Garnet 13.25" Long X 7.75" Wide X 2.75" High © Fred Schlatter
Scarab box (carved knob detail), 1988 Carved Ivory, Sterling Silver, 14 Karat Gold, Cabochon Garnet 3" Long X 1.75" Wide X .5" High © Fred Schlatter
Talon Box, 1982 Cocobolo, Ivory, Sterling Silver 3" X 2" X .75" © Fred Schlatter
Jet Box, 1983 Jet, Mastadon Ivory (Pleistocene Era), Sterling Silver, 14 Karat Gold 1.5" Long X 1" Wide X .875" High © Fred Schlatter
Jet Box (open detail 1), 1983 Jet, Mastadon Ivory (Pleistocene Era), Sterling Silver, 14 Karat Gold
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sculpture, mixed-media

Fred Schlatter was educated as a fine artist and sculptor. Rarely will you find someone who produces the kind of work that he does. In addition to producing sculpture, he is a Graphic Designer who executes projects in wood and metal. His carved signs and architectural fine art carvings, hand sculpted and often combined with wrought steelwork, have for the past 40 plus years garnered international attention. Fred Schlatter's hand carved signs have also appeared in various publications, including Good Housekeeping's Country Living, Sunset Magazine, National Motorist, SignCraft Magazine, and Woodezine.

While hand carved signs have made up many of his commissions, he has also been privately commissioned to produce a large variety other items such as doors and sculptures in addition to figureheads, name boards and transoms for private and corporate yachts.

This ArtSlant page features his current “Woodies Series” sculptural work, as well as other small objects d'art and also a few examples of other styles of sculptural work from various periods. For those interested in seeing more examples of his sculptural work, sign work, or jewelry, please visit his web site,


"My love of antique and classic automobiles, especially for the Woodies which were mainly built up until the early 50's, has become the inspiration for my current body of wooden sculptural work.

I combine antique automotive body parts, chrome and other automobile details with wood working to create my current sculptural "Woodies Series" pieces". 

My approach to producing these pieces are a combination of "restoration, innovation, and re-creation".

Fred Schlatter, Wood Sculptor

Please note:

While visiting my portfolio, you will notice that some of my older precious metal, exotic wood, and bejeweled object d’art pieces employed the occasional use of small inlays of ivory.

I acquired a very small amount of already old reclaimed/recycled ivory around forty years ago, along with a small amount of mammoth ivory (mostly pieces of what are called mammoth ivory bark) which today is completely legal, as they come from animals which were hunted and and/or died back in the Pleistocene, some 25 to 35 thousand years ago.

I very strongly believe in the current moratorium on illegal ivory trade, and will only use what small remnants of old ivory; mammoth or otherwise that I still have, from my old stash. I will no longer purchase ivory unless it is from an extinct legal mega fauna supply.


All images contained herein are Copyright Fred Schlatter. Please credit the artist and link back to this site when reposting for blogs etc. Images may not be reproduced in whole or in part for commercial use without express permission, in writing, from the artist. To request permission, send an email to:

Commissions: (Partial list)

City of Benicia, CA, Main Street Downtown Signs

City of Alameda, CA, Historic Business District Signs

San Francisco, CA, Pier 39, Welcome Sign

San Francisco, CA, Hornblower Yachts, Ferryboat Santa Rosa

Village of Rossmoor, CA, Medical Clinic Entrance

Benicia, CA, Chamber of Commerce

Berkeley, CA, Chamber of Commerce

Napa, CA, Chamber of Commerce

Port Huron, MI, USCG, Hollyhock WLB-214

Berkeley, CA, Franciscan School of Theology

Benicia, CA, Exxon Corp. 25th and 30th anniversary

White Plains, NY, Dannon Corporate Headquarters

Ventura CA, Coastal Marine Biolabs

San Jose State University, Associated Students House  


Corporate and Private Collections: (Partial list)

James and Judith Flint, Carmichael, CA

Fritz and Catherine Finger, Louisville, KY

Michael and Sarah Samberg, Nashville, TN

Dr. Marc Schlatter, Grand Rapids, MI

Alicia Chapman, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

Jemrose Vineyards, Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Francis Dulava, Redding, CA



Goodhousekeeping’s Country Living, Summer 1979

Sunset Magazine, 1984

SignCraft, 2001, 2002, and 2003

Woodezine, Vol. 3, 2005, and Vol. 6, 2008


Recent Exhibitions:

2013 Knock on Wood, Blue Line Arts Gallery, Roseville, California

2013 Gems II (small works art show), Arts Benicia Gallery, Benicia, California

2013 Art of a Community, Arts Benicia Gallery; Benicia, California

2012 Art of a Community, Arts Benicia Gallery; Benicia, California

2011 Marin Sonoma Concours d’Elegance, San Rafael, California

2011 Art of a Community, Arts Benicia Gallery; Benicia, California

2010 Art of the Automobile, Art Works Downtown Gallery; San Rafael, California

2010 Art of a Community, Arts Benicia Gallery; Benicia, California

2009 Art of a Community, Arts Benicia Gallery; Benicia, California

2008 Art of a Community, Arts Benicia Gallery; Benicia, California


Awards and recognitions:

Solano County Fair, 2011 First Place, Fine Art, Sculpture

Solano County Fair, 2011 Third Place, Fine Art, Sculpture

Artslant, 3rd 2011 Showcase Winner

Artslant, 4th 2012 Showcase Juried Winner

Artslant, 7th 2013 Showcase Winner 

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