ArtSlant Insider: Alison Woods

Alison Woods, Maelstrom (installation view), 2012, Acrylic on PVC. Courtesy of the artist.

Alison Woods

Alison Woods is a painter currently living in San Francisco, CA.  She is in the MFA program at San Francisco Art Institute.  Her work on PVC, canvas and paper has been exhibited in shows at the Swell Gallery and the Diego Rivera Gallery in San Francisco (at SFAI), as well as at the MK Gallery in Portland, OR.

Artist Statement:  I am haunted by the future. I question the way we cruise the Internet for information, like addicts looking for our next fix. Our thinking adapts to binary logic. My work unpacks the aesthetics of this information culture—one that exists in abstractions and virtual space. I use the computer to research, process, and consolidate, to create baroque geometries, to scramble and recontextualize information. I transform the digital into the tangible materiality of paint. 

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Alison Woods, Nano 2, 2012, Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of the artist.