STILL/LIFE IN MOTION a portrait of time passing

The exhibition comprises a selection of images from the book, STILL/LIFE IN MOTION and interrogates the effects of time/ageing on body and mind, similar to the erosive processes in nature. Divided into clusters, each governed by a particular emotion, the images allude to our contradictory attitudes towards natural forces in both our physical environment and our bodies. We mostly experience the former with awe; the latter with fear and displeasure. Fourteen professionals, including doctors and professors, actors, musicians, ballet dancers, teachers and visual artists agreed to perform in front... [more]
Posted by bettie coetzee-Lambrecht on 9/7/15


Im exploring the Selfportriat as vehicle for entering the unconscious so as to find the Images/themes, that drive the unconscious. Of particular importance to me since recently falling the victim to a robbery which left me unconscious on a street in South Africa.  See my blogpost at: To my delight, one of my expirements, made a week after the assault, while "living the incident through dance" as advised by Dr Dawn Garisch's insightful book, Eloquent Body, was selected by the Artslant Showcase Team July 2012, as a Winner. Was the assault one of the Di... [more]
Posted by bettie coetzee-Lambrecht on 7/16/12

Urban Issues

Interacting with city surfaces through reflections and/or through ruffling smooth appearances to see what lies below the obvious is an ongoing interest.  My 'interaction' consist of  'scrambling', so to speak,  the confident lines of bricks, or street signs, or by interfering with the colours and textures of fragments from public wall paintings and graffiti.  Buildings reflected in pavement puddles therefore get entangled with inconsistent and erratic curves of organic matter like trees.  Plant and mortar exist in harmony, ironically through the distortions caused by water. Water, moved by wind a... [more]
Posted by bettie coetzee-Lambrecht on 12/13/11