Gaudel de Stampa

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A Champagne Dance

The uncorking of Champagne bottles, an endless flow of champagne, chatter, a stroll along an endless balustrade - turning into balconies, twisting into stairs, leading to the tower - wearing a damp hat of clouds. H.C. Lumbye and Johann Strauss II compositions, present timely percussion and gesture in their Champagne Gallop and Champagne Polka. Placing your face close enough to the Champagne Flute you feel its drops gently raining upwards. Tapping your feet to ¾ beat. A portrait of the... [more]
Posted by Ben Original on 7/24/11

Lina Viste Gronli

      In Lina Viste Grønli’s second solo show at Gaudel de Stampa her focus turns again towards abstraction, linguistic and semantic interpretations, and the deconstruction of language as a narrative form. Here, she has chosen a pyramid-shaped equilateral triangle as a symbolic representation of the word Feminism. The triangles have been meticulously framed, formally miming or hinting at the (predominently male) Minimalist work of the 1960’s, but at the same time opposing it with the... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 1/18/11