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New York Artists in Paris

by Georgia Fee
      The Americans are on at Galerie Zürcher with the second edition of (this one is aptly titled Wild Feature 2).  The first Wild exhibit was shown at Zürcher Studio in New York during June-July, 2009.  Big, brash and quirky - this exhibition of 8 artists curated by one of them (Brian Belott) brings a visual deli of New York-style offerings.  The work is dense and needs a couple of viewings to consume.  Layered, collaged, packed, and cobbled, from large-scale paintings, to works on... [more]
Posted by Georgia Fee on 12/7/09

Radiant Boy Brian Belott

by E-Slant Team
One of Belott's predilections is for producing original books(1) of which Donald Baechler has remarked that "they work particularly well in groups"(2). He combines painting on all sorts of surfaces with techniques as diverse as drawing, photography and using collections of found images. Starting with documents drawn from a wide variety of sources, he creates disparate elements which may admittedly be of little interest as such, but which, once brought together through collage... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 4/12/09

Sarah Dobai

by E-Slant Team
SARAH DOBAI CLOSING JANUARY 3rd Galerie Zürcher (Paris) 56, rue Chapon75003 ParisFrance Images from previous work: Lorraine as Cora 2003 from 'Two on a Party'lambdachromeedition of 3 113 x90 cm A yellow cloud of dust 2003 lambdachromeedition of 3 113 x 90 cm (Images courtesy of Galerie Zurcher & Sarah Dobai)    [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 12/29/08