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One of the best Photo shows in Paris this year!

What a relief after so many disappointments at the MEP to see a show of such a strong artist.  Pellegrin is the real thing.  If you're in Paris before June 17, be sure to make a point to visit the MEP in the Marais.  A thorough investigation of this Magnum photographer who continues to win journalism prizes left and right--and all merited.  Whether he works with film or switches to digital, the work is equally strong in his mastery of the graphic and compositional elements as well as his... [more]
Posted by Steve Loomis on 4/29/12

Unconvincing Conceptual Approach

The photos aren't a disaster like some of the other work that shows up in this museum but I must say the artist's statement is totally incoherent and seems to have little to do with the work being show.  I would say that the work looks a bit weak with the low resolution digital images but in spite of that there is a certain aesthetic interest in the work.  Only it seems the artist is actually pushing more for a conceptual statement--which is so confused in relation to the text that I really... [more]
Posted by Steve Loomis on 4/29/12

Beautiful but not overly interesting...

One can't argue with the beauty of Laetitia Casta or the obvious technical skills of Dominique Issermann.  There are many beautiful images in the current MEP exhibit.  Undoubtedly, this has been a big draw for the museum, bringing in people who are perhaps only marginally interested in photography.  I understand the gallery does need revenues to run and a popular show like this one hopefully allows the gallery to show other artists that are more interesting but whose work is less able to draw... [more]
Posted by Steve Loomis on 4/29/12

Jane Evelyn Atwood, Photographs 1976-2010

by Frances Guerin
Continuing my theme of the marginalized at the mercy and manipulation of the authorities, I went to see the Jane Evelyn Atwood retrospective at the Musée Européene de la Photographie. The exhibition shows four of her main series, with a sprinkling of some of the “other” work. Atwood's work belongs to the genre of photography that sits somewhere between photojournalism and art - the compositions are powerful, her use of light is clearly very staged and very expressive, and yet her task is, as... [more]
Posted by Frances Guerin on 7/26/11

Manufactured Dreams

by Robert J. Hughes
          Box sculptures are manufactured dreams. In, "L'Abandon," a new show at Le Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, French artist Fabien Chalon displays four machine sculptures, and one installation, that invite participation and at the same time guide viewers to a state of concentrated expectation. In his smaller sculptures – boxes, really, that have both the dreamy sense of Joseph Cornell constructions as well as the momentum of a slow-motion Rube Goldberg-esque apparatus... [more]
Posted by Robert J. Hughes on 10/12/10

Russian Photography

        Russian photography is best known for the outstanding avant-garde work of Alexander Rodtchenko, El Lissitzky, Gustav Kloutsis and Lef magazine, in the form of photomontages glorifying Bolshevism, and New Vision photographs: low-angled shots, close-ups, oblique shots, fragmentations, etc. But it is also, unfortunately, known for the standardized products of socialist realism, when Stalin rose to power and elminiated all the avant-gardes, replacing them with art and photography whose... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 8/10/10

Between Drawing & Photography

    This exhibition focuses on a little known but nonetheless important apect of the extremely diverse work of Aki Kuroda, and features photographs displayed alongside a new series of drawings. As a child in Japan, Aki Kuroda learned about the visual arts thanks to the famous 1930s magazine , and was deeply impressed when he discovered the work of Picasso and Dali. He found the weight of ancestral Japanes traditions hard to bear, and chose to leave Tokyo for a journey across Europe and the... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 8/24/10

A High Light

by Georgia Fee
  Gorgeous.  The word itself is held primarily in the throat and on the tongue...gorrrrrrrrgeoussss.  Saying it is a sensual experience.  Coming from "gorge" (throat), and from "gorgias" (jewelry-loving), this word suggests the neck region (the ruff at the neck; the necklace at the throat).  I think of the neck as that dazzling and splendid bridge between the body and the head.  I move from the head to the body and from the body to the head through that gorge. In considering Ferdinando... [more]
Posted by Georgia Fee on 7/6/09

Exploration of Theatre

by E-Slant Team
Masterpiece historic city of Turin, Carignano theater has been renovated bold, more functional and meets the requirements of modernity. Technological transformation Gabriele Basilico has scrupulously recorded and returned in response to the command of Adele Re Rebaudengo Agarttha for Arte. Architect by training,... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 7/25/09

Watching, Waiting

by Georgia Fee
  While walking through the café at the MEP to get to one of their recent acquisitions, Claude Lévêque's installation,  (The Twilight of the Jaguar), I repeat a line from Pablo Neruda's poem, Some Beasts:  "The jaguar touches the leaves with his phosphorous absence..."  (As an aside, I personally prefer my art without the smell of food or the looks of bored waiters - and if the best they can do is put it next to the resto, perhaps they need to rethink their installation program.)  The... [more]
Posted by Georgia Fee on 7/6/09

Seeing, Knowing, Standing, Moving

by Frances Guerin
If you want to evade the crowds at La Maison Européenne de la Photographie, skip the Louise Weiss exhibition and head downstairs to the all but empty, and highly recommended exhibition in the basement, . The series of seven contemporary video works by lesser-known European photographers represent the Maison Européenne’s contribution to “Mois de la Photographie.” While the works ranged in interest and innovation, they were all worth seeing. Even Olga Chernysheva’s Windows (2007), which... [more]
Posted by Frances Guerin on 11/24/08

Public & Private

by Frances Guerin
  This selection of over 200 photographs is an exhibition version of American photographer, Annie Leibovitz's, latest book, (Random House). The exhibition is a quieter, gentler, feminine partner to the Richard Avedon exhibition at the Jeu de Paume (on view Jul-Sept 2008) Liebovitz was invited to choose the works for the exhibition which aims to reconcile the two strands of her work - the personal and the professional. It is true that her commercial work is interwoven with works of her... [more]
Posted by Frances Guerin on 7/28/08