Canadian Cultural Centre - Paris

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Canadian Cultural Centre - Paris
5 rue de Constantine
75007 Paris
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from Monday to Friday, from 10AM to 6PM; Thursday, until 7PM; Closed Saturday and Sunday
01 44 43 21 90
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Free Public access

The Visual Arts Programme at the Canadian Cultural Centre presents an average of four contemporary art exhibitions per year, which are specifically developed in relation to French or European cultural events, or to current events most likely to attract the general public and art professionals to the artists we present. The programming is conceived to maintain a certain diversity of the most competitive contemporary practices on an international level, as our objective is to present the best of Canadian creation to the public. These exhibitions are developed according to the objectives set by the Canadian Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of which the Canadian Cultural Centre is a representative institution. Please note that the Canadian Cultural Centre does not operate on a call for submissions basis for its exhibition programming.

The Visual Arts Programme also serves an important role in disseminating information: to Canadian artists and art professionals by providing documentary and logistical support in order to enhance the visibility of Canadian creation and to promote collaboration between Canadian and French counterparts; and by promoting exhibitions by Canadian artists in France, which are listed in the printed programme published each trimester by the Canadian Cultural Centre, as well as on our web site. It is important to note that we do not seek out potential exhibition opportunities for artists, as the Canadian Cultural Centre cannot provide individualized assistance to each artist.

In addition to the programming and promotion of exhibitions, the Visual Arts Programme produces and publishes catalogues in the Esplanade Collection, dedicated to the promotion of the exhibitions presented at the Canadian Cultural Centre. The collection is the main editorial activity of our institution and is a record, not only of its activities in France, but also of its commitment to creating intellectual and artistic encounters leading to new horizons.