Galerie Marian Goodman - Paris

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A very very big show in a relatively small room

by James Loks
I've become increasingly aware of how people find negative reviews so much more entertaining than positive reviews, and so I'm about to let everyone down. This is a really great show, and an unusual one, and interesting for lots of different reasons; but really one main one. It's also worth saying that the title/name of the exhibition really is fitting for the experience of seeing the show. The big main thing to say is it's a curated show, although Jens Hoffmann prefers the tag 'exhibition... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 7/9/13

The Devil's Fidelity

by Robert J. Hughes
A group show is like snippets of a conversation, a series of overheard remarks. Works comment on each other by their proximity to those of other artists. You can get only a sense of someone, as if you had met him or her at a party and exchanged a few words, and positioned that person in relation to the others there. But at least you get to meet someone. It's hard enough for an artist to be noticed today, so the very fine group exhibition at Marian Goodman Gallery Paris gives us a welcome... [more]
Posted by Robert J. Hughes on 2/5/12

Painting's Evolution

by Frances Guerin
At Gerhard Richter’s latest Paris exhibition, Painting 2010-2011, an exhibition of arguably the greatest living painter, there are two series of images and one sculpture. Ironically, despite the exhibition title, despite the immense body of work that gives Richter his reputation, only one of the series of images is made from the material of paint. And yet, the others, 6 Standing Glass Panes and Strip (2011), the sculpture and a series of computer printouts, have everything to do with painting.... [more]
Posted by Frances Guerin on 9/26/11

Taking Your Breath Away

by Frances Guerin
    Gallery fever has started up again in Paris, and Geo and I set out to initiate the season on Saturday night. We didn’t really get to see much, but by far the best of what we did see was the Annette Messager at Marian Goodman. It’s a must. There are three pieces that — in spite of the crowds milling in the courtyard at 79 rue du Temple, and spilling into the tiny gallery spaces — will take your breath away. Taking over approximately a third of the upstairs gallery is the powerful À... [more]
Posted by Frances Guerin on 9/7/09

Still & Moving

by Frances Guerin
As the official British War Artist to Iraq, winner of the 1999 Turner Prize, accolades for his debut film, at Cannes this year, and as the 2009 representative to the British Pavillion at the 53rd Venice Biennale, Steve McQueen comes with a reputation. Given all his accolades, it is natural to have expectations of his exhibitions. However, our expectations are disappointed with his latest show at Marian Goodman - three works, two recent, and one from 1999. Together with the not so innovative... [more]
Posted by Frances Guerin on 11/3/08

Surprise in Penone

by Frances Guerin
  Giuseppe Penone's work is full of surprises, rarely what it appears to be at first sight. The three pieces currently on display at Marian Goodman are no exception, when they embrace the element of deception that comes hand in hand with Penone's preoccupation with the fusion of the animal and the vegetal, the human and the mineral. On the gallery's upper floor, a sculpture, "La Geometria nelle mani/The Geometry in the hands," (2007) is accompanied by three large hung canvases: "Pelle di... [more]
Posted by Frances Guerin on 7/16/08