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Unrepentant Forces of Nature

by Mara Hoberman
To mark the 20th anniversary of what is perhaps the defining traumatic moment in Daniel Arsham’s life—Hurricane Andrew as experienced from his Miami home—the artist’s new series of unnerving sculptures and paintings reflect the storm’s devastating aftermath. Reprising themes and materials from previous works, Arsham’s current exhibition features figurative sculptures made from broken glass, trompe l’oeil architectural interventions, and gouache on Mylar moonscapes. Having just returned from a... [more]
Posted by Mara Hoberman on 12/3/12

Xavier Veilhan

by Robert J. Hughes
French artist Xavier Veilhan gives us a distillation of forms: representation without detail. In his new show. "Orchestra," at Galerie Perrotin in Paris through November 12, Veilhan uses sculpture, mobile and painting to sketch objects in space without giving them more than what's necessary to identify them. They exist without meaning, whatever meaning is for Veilhan since he's not interested in story as much as thereness. For instance, in a large room just off the entrance, Veilhan has... [more]
Posted by Robert J. Hughes on 10/17/11

Bharti Kher

by Robert J. Hughes
Bharti Kher's works evoke the eerie resonance of objects, how they figure in the aftermaths of our daily lives, the space between seeing and remembering, the chasm between what we do and what we leave behind. "Leave your smell," a new show of her works at Galerie Perrotin in Paris, through June 18, calls to mind a phrase from Elizabeth Bishop's short poem, To Be Written on the Mirror in Whitewash: "I live only here, between your eyes and you, But I live in your world." Kher looks at the... [more]
Posted by Robert J. Hughes on 5/30/11

Bernard Frize

            Since the end of the seventies Bernard Frize has extensively created a considerable body of work which has been exhibited all over the world in galleries and museums (such as the Morsbroich Museum in Leverkusen, 2010 at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris/ARC, 2003, at S.M.A.K, 2002 and at De Pont, 1998). He just received the Fred Thieler Prize and the Berlinische Gallery will be hosting an exhibition of his works in March. Known previously for investigating the process by... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 3/21/11

Peter Coffin

        Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin is pleased to announce The Colors Are Bright, the forthcoming exhibition of work by New York based artist, Peter Coffin. The exhibition will be open from 20 March to 7 May, 2010. Peter Coffin’s work engages a playful consideration that invites extended meaning. The works themselves resemble jokes; loopy sculptures and conceptual acts are often performed deadpan – farce with no apology. They engineer scenarios that keep relevant the impossibility of... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 3/14/10

Hernan Bas: Transcendentalism

The ethereal characters in the Hernan Bas’ paintings, drawings and films are often melancholy and solitary. They belong to the romantic and decadent literature of the 19th century, Lautréamont, Huysmans…They evolve in Fauvist landscapes, provoking a suggestive eroticism as the nude males of Hippolyte Flandrin or Thomas Eakins. Like Elisabeth Peyton or Karen Kilimnik, Hernan Bas reinterprets classical painting and draws particular inspiration from the myths and history of art. The title... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 3/8/10

Livestrong in Art

by E-Slant Team
Lance Armstrong launches a global art exhibition and sale that provides a new way to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation and its LIVESTRONG™ Global Cancer Campaign. “Stages” brings together close to 30 of the world’s most creative and diverse artists to create original works of art inspired by Armstrong and his mission to raise awareness of the global cancer burden. This unique project brings together the world of art, philanthropy and sport, in a way never before seen, to... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 7/25/09

Walking in dreams

by Georgia Fee
    Sitting on the floor, images flow and fold across the 3 giant screens that make up Jesper Just's hauntingly beautiful installation, is that Prague? Buenos Aires? somehwere in Turkey?  (The gallerist tells us afterward that it is Romania - Bucharest I ask?) Sitting on the floor, I find myself capitvated by the central character, the hero on a hero's journey across town on the bus, an elderly transvestite who's tentative steps towards some brilliant new identity mirror the shifts and... [more]
Posted by Georgia Fee on 9/9/08

Just at Hammer Museum in LA

A great article on Jesper Just by Hannah Barry: JESPER JUST by Hannah Barry The dozen or so short films that Jesper Just has made to date are outstanding for their refusal to adhere to the documentary tendencies and low-fi aesthetic character favored in recent video art. Positing himself as both director and editor, Just composes narrative films with obscure denouements...(link to article) [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 9/22/08