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What's the Point?

by Georgia Fee
      "Is it art?"  And then the natural follow-on "What is Art?" This is the chain of reaction that ignites the minute I am confronted with highly conceptual art.  And such reaction, despite the fact that much of 20th century art has swung on this squeaky hinge, continues to vex, to compel me into the experience. I think we can all agree that Smart is terribly hard to pull off, especially when it boils down to a one liner. I guess it is best said that smart is in the mind of the beholder,... [more]
Posted by Georgia Fee on 9/7/10

Pierre Ardouvin Closing Soon

      In 2006, during ArtBasel, the art market Mekka, Pierre Ardouvin had furbished Chez Valentin gallery’s exhibition booth with the tiers of a traditional theatre, so that the Fair alley became a stage and the visitors (Au théâtre ce soir) its performers: a spectacular inversion of what actually creates a show. Nominated for the Marcel Duchamp prize in 2007, he staged a huge revolving board up on a pedestal, with « Marcel » in golden letters in relief, heavily highlighted, with a Dalida... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 2/16/10