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20-22 rue Beauregard Paris
Venue Type: Alternative Space
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he Rencontres Internationales hope to bring contemporary works of art to a wide audience, to facilitate movement between the different creative spheres and to communicate this to the audience, to create dynamic exchanges between artists, directors, and those participating in artistic and cultural life.

The festival hopes to facilitate the circulation of different creative contemporary practices among different audiences, different artists and directors, among different geographical, artistic and cultural spaces in Paris, Berlin and Madrid. Today, these two cities benefit from a positive difference allowing an approach to significant elements in our society, a greater understanding of current trends in artistic and cultural contexts, a greater understanding of the prizes at stake.
In keeping with the precedent set by previous festivals, we want, since 1997, to centre the festival on contemporary creation, presenting works that, effectively, integrate the themes and languages of different areas of expression, questioning the image and its relationship with time and space by investigating the languages of cinema, audio-visual and plastic arts, a questioning in act. 
Bringing these works together makes an active laboratory that we would like to explore and help others to discover. By bringing together the diverse means of creation and their respective audiences, and allowing them to communicate, the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin become an open event in which the specificities and correspondence of languages and sights can emerge from the evolving contemporary production. 
For the next Rencontres Internationales, we hope once again to open up a new space for exchanges and meetings between different artistic language forms and different audiences.