Galerie Alberta Pane

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Blanche ou l'oubli (Curator : Léa Bismuth), 2014 © Galerie Alberta Pane
Dolorès, 2009 Plumes De Paon © Galerie Alberta Pane/Marie Denis
Untitled, 2014 Painting 140 X 160 © Galerie Alberta Pane
The Function of Form (Exhibition view), 2014 Sculpture © Takeshi Sugiura & Galerie Alberta Pane
Galerie Alberta Pane
47 rue de Montmorency
75003 Paris
Venue Type: Gallery
Alberta Pane
Open hours
Tuesday - Saturday, 11 AM - 7 PM
+33 1 43 06 58 72
Other phone
+33 6 11 29 40 94
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Created in 2008, Galerie Alberta Pane is located in Rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth in the Marais, one of the most active areas for Contemporary Art in Paris.

Specialized in contemporary drawing and installations, the gallery energetically supports experienced and emerging international artists from France, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Bulgaria, Austria and Argentine, promoting the conceptual force of their projects. The gallery also encourages artist´s experimentation in space and urges them to work in balance with the environment. The understanding and analysis of our time is the main purpose of their reflection. It can be focussed on nature, in many different ways − as for Denis and Chong Kwan´s works −, on reality and space perception − for Girardeau, Panzer, Lelouche and Stocker −, even more, on collective memory − in Vilhena´s drawing and Penso´s Genetic Structures− or on the social environment, as in the anarchic actions of Lamothe, Lutyens and Moudov.

The gallery enables young and talented curators (Léa Bismuth, Daniele Capra, Marie Frampier, Adrien Pasternak) to create and manage valuable group shows, allowing groundbreaking researches.

The gallery recently participated in (OFF)icielle 2014, Artissima 2014, Art Brussels 2013, 2014, Arco Madrid 2015, 2014, Summa Fair Madrid 2013, YIA Art Fair (Young International Artists) Paris 2012, 2013, Shcontemporary 2010 (Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair), Drawing Now (Contemporary Drawing Art Fair Paris 2011 / 2012) and No Found Photo Fair (Paris 2011).