Jousse Enterprise-Saint Claude

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Tumbling Blocks / Stumbling Blocks

by James Loks
As is my way, I didn't do any research on Julia Rometti and Victor Costales before I went to see the show. I knew that they'd won a prize at the last edition of ARCO Madrid (the illy SustainArt prize) and I knew they were young and pretty successful. That was it. I'm also a fan of Jousse Entreprise as a gallery; they're definitely one of the most interesting smaller galleries in Paris and they represent a few artists of whom I'm a fan (Superflex, Matthew Derbyshire, and Philippe Meste if you want to know). It looked like a good combination. My problem was that on entering the show I walked ar... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 4/17/13

photos de la vernissage

We visited Jousse Entreprise for a surprising group show, especially the surreal taxidermy halflings created by Thomas Grünfeld:   We also had the pleasure of meeting M. Jousse and getting introduced to Louidgi Beltrame (see my review of his latest film and exhibition Brasilia / Chandigarh), whose film Les Dormeurs is on view. [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 1/19/09

opening photos

Continuing down the row, we stopped in at Jousse - Entreprise for Luidgi Beltrame's new film Brasilia / Chandigarh. Not easy to photograph (see below) and even harder to pay attention to during the hubbub of opening night. We'll be coming back to see it all the way through.     [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 11/19/08

The Image City

by Natalie Hegert
Brasilia / Chandigarh, a film by Louidgi Beltrame on view now at Galerie Jousse-Entreprise, explores the concrete megastructures of two capital cities: Brasilia designed by Oscar Niemayer in the 1950's, and Chandigarh, designed at the same time by Le Corbusier.  The film is structured around a narrative of three fictional characters, and follows their reflective passage through the two cities, communicated between them in the form of letters and photographs.  The exhibition is also accompanied by a series of reproductions of certain stills from the film, impressive views of the monument-cities, bu... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 11/30/08