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November 10th - January 20th, 2017 Unorthodox Anatomy
Ellen Cantor
Jan, 2016 20/20: Accelerando
Lita Albuquerque
Jan, 2016 Forms in Common: Works by Shula Singer Arbel and Eddie Friedman
Shula Singer Arbel, Eddie Friedman
Nov, 2015 Staging Los Angeles: Reality, Fantasy, and the Space Between
Thom Andersen, Benjamin Critton, Zoe Crosher, Megan May Daalder, Cayetano Ferrer, Justin John Greene, Calder Greenwood, Pascual Sisto, Nadia Hironaka & Matthew Suib, and Jennifer West
Oct, 2015 7,567mi: Jerusalem Biennale2015
Renee Amitai, Ellen Cantor, Rhea Carmi, Miri Chais, Yaron Dotan, Jean Edelstein, Alain Rogier, Erella Teitler
Sep, 2015 Cynthia Minet: Beast of Burden
Cynthia Minet
May, 2015 Shared Otherness
USC Roski
Apr, 2015 In Search of an Exit (or Eight Characters in a Parlor)
Basma Alsharif, Jordi Colomer, Sergio de la Torre, Patricia Esquivias, Emiliano Rocha Minter, Miller Robinson, Barbara T. Smith, Clarissa Tossin
Feb, 2015 Transcending Urban Imperfections
Benji Ng
Sep, 2014 Re:Mind
Miri Chais
Aug, 2014 Layers of Identity II
Melinda Smith Altshuler, Samuel Erenberg, Karen Frimkess Wolff, Susan Gesundheit, Caryl Christian Levy, Sarah Pavsner, Debra Sokolow, Ruth Weisberg, Cathy Weiss, Harriet Zeitlin
Zachary Aronson
Nov, 2013 Bridge to the Soul: The Art of Healing
Nandhi Tapasyogi
MYKAL AUBRY, Richard K. Bacon, Marianne Barnard (M), Laura K. Bohn, Emily Branch, Judith Campanaro, Deborah Koff Chapin, Jaja Dario, Lórien Eck, Ceylan Hulya, Aazam Irilian, Marcus Maria Jung, Siegfried Knop, Daniel Leighton, Brian Leonard, Leigh McCloskey, Michele Ogilvie, Lark Plinsky, Lisa Rasmussen, Rhonna Del Rio-Ascolese, Thea Robertshaw, Lyle Everett Rushing, Lori Shocket, Julie Smith, Nandhi Tapasyogi, Robert Wertz
Nov, 2013 Margaret Lazzari, New Paintings
Margaret Lazzari
Apr, 2012 L.A. Filmforum and USC Cinematheque 108 present Crosstown Rivals: Films from USC and UCLA in the 1960s
Apr, 2012 L.A. Filmforum and UCLA Melnitz Movies present Crosstown Rivals: Films from UCLA and USC in the 1960s
Robert Abel, Burton Gershfield, Paul Golding, Bruce Green, David Lebrun, George Lucas, John Milius, Penelope Spheeris, Rob Thompson, Felix Venable
Feb, 2012 MFA Open Studios
Karen Adelman, Carolina Caycedo, Tyler Coburn, Chris Coy, Chris Engman, Erin Foley, Marc Horowitz, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Dwyer Kilcollin, Lila De Magalhaes, Paul Salveson, Rachelle Sawatsky, Sean Townley, Kristen VanDeventer, J. Patrick Walsh III, Barak Zemer
Jan, 2012 Breaking Ground: Chinese American Architects in Los Angeles (1945 –1980)
Eugene Kinn Choy, Charles Eames, Helen Liu Fong, Jack Laxer, Leland Lee, Gilbert L. Leong, Julius Shulman, Gin D. Wong
Jan, 2012 Sight Specific: LACPS and the Politics of Community
Nov, 2011 Group Show
Heather Brown, Edgar Bryan, Steve Canaday, Nathan Danilowicz, Rachel Detroit, Michael Dopp, Barbara Drucker, Mark Dutcher, Bart Exposito, Suzanne Falk, Eben Goff, Roger Herman, Emily Hochman, Pearl C. Hsiung, Steven Hull, Charles Irvin, Angie Lacerenza, Mimi Lauter, Anne Martens, Parker Meyer, Sandeep Mukherjee, Robert Olsen, Sarah Perry, Ian Pines, Chris Reynolds, Frank Ryan, Ami Tallman, Chris Wilder, Jason Yates
Oct, 2011 BLEU
May, 2011 IMAGES: Iconic to Insurgent and Divine to Decadent
Byrd Bettis, Bira Gandy, Duane Paul, Victory
Feb, 2011 SPINNING WAVE: Works by Dafna Gilboa and Hilda Merom
Dafna Gilboa, Hilda Merom
Feb, 2011 Assemblage and Inspiration Through Music
Feb, 2011 Curator's Talk, The Making of the Trojan Family Tapestry
John Nava
Feb, 2011 USC Graduate Open Studios 2011
Karen Adelman, Sarah Anderson, Neal Bashor, Tyler Coburn, Chris Coy, Erin Foley, Ryan Garrett, Onya Hogan-Finlay, Marc Horowitz, Gelare Khoshgozaran, Paul Vernon Price, John Seal, Sean Townley, Kristen VanDeventer, Patrick Walsh, Andreas Waris
Feb, 2011 USC Fisher Museum introduces JS Carson
Jeff Carson
Jan, 2011 John Nava: The Making of the Trojan Family Tapestry
John Nava
Jan, 2011 The Portraits of Sylvia Shap: Explorations and Revelations
Sylvia Shap
Nov, 2010 Kucha and the Silk Road
Nov, 2010 Karsh is History: Yousuf Karsh and Portrait Photography
Yousuf Karsh
Oct, 2010 The Afterglow: ATribute to Robert Frost
Yousuf Karsh
Aug, 2010 Yousuf Karsh: Regarding Heroes
Yousuf Karsh
Ione Citrin, Susan Lawrence, Melanie Manos, Jeffrey Nemeroff, Randall Oldrieve, jerry shawback, Peter Shire, Linda Smith
May, 2010 a(muse)- emerging artists from the LA area
Ashleigh Allard, Alexis Aquilina, Melissa Barranco, Ben Cole, Madison East, Chuck Hohng, Phuc Le, Victoria Macmillan, Corey Thering, Christopher Velasco, Sabrina Whetsell, Melissa Wilson
Apr, 2010 USC MFA Thesis Exhibition
Sean Kennedy
Feb, 2010 The Thought That Became
Michelle San Agustin, Devon Caranicas, Chuck Hohng, Lauren Hostetter
Jan, 2010 Four Rooms and a View: USC's Collection Highlights
Dec, 2009 Additive: The Third Alumni Exhibition
Carole Caroompas, Jan Handtmann, Stan Hunter, Tomo Isoyama, Mark Licari, John O’Brien, Laura Stickney, William Tunberg
Nov, 2009 Apocalypse WOW!
Isabelle Alford-Lago, Nicole Arnell, Martin Benson, Janelle Carbajal, Senna Chen, Mor Germezi, Robin Hextrum, Betsy Lastar, Katie Martinez, Sydeny Mills, Renata Popenhagen, Heber Rodriguez, Max Skeen, Jon Wingo, Jen Wohlner
Nov, 2009 Can Straw Men Build Straw Houses?
Kenneth Tam, Tellef Tellefson
Oct, 2009 Artist Talk with Victor Raphael
Victor Raphael
Oct, 2009 Songs in the Earth and Air
Victoria Kirsch
Sep, 2009 Yoga@Fisher
Sep, 2009 Victor Raphael: Travels and Wanderings, 1979-2009
Victor Raphael
Sep, 2009 From Zero to Infinity: The Story of Everything
Victor Raphael, Clayton Spada
Apr, 2009 Musical Snapshots From the 60's
Andy Warhol
Apr, 2009 Warhol Film Day
Andy Warhol
Apr, 2009 What From White
Alia Al-Harithi, Betsy Avila, Drew Dencker, Brigid Dugan, Carolyn Hustedt, Soyoung Jung, Jaclyn Kilfoyle, Michelle Mark, Jessica Mellen, Megan Orecchia, Steven Philp, Mel Trad, Alli Tucker, Nicole Verderber, Emily Yu
Mar, 2009 Contemporary Art Panel
Feb, 2009 Looking Into Andy Warhol's Photographic Practice
Andy Warhol
Jan, 2009 El Mexorcist 4: America's most Wanted Inner Demon
Guillermo Gomez-Pena
Jan, 2009 Eron Surdam & David Jacobs @ Switch
David Jacobs, Eron Surdam
Dec, 2008 Holiday Open House
Dec, 2008 A New Broken View
Caroline Caselli, Lisa Haase, Mackenzie Hoffman, Jan M. Kelly, Mengning Li, Jeff Schwartz, Anastasia Shepherd, Nicole Shidlovitsky, Alli Tucker
Nov, 2008 Icons of Culture
Oct, 2008 Phantasmagoria: Music of Clouds, Fog, Smoke, Absence, Loss and Death
Oct, 2008 The Eye of the Needle: A Lecture by David Wilson
Oct, 2008 Appearances and Disappearances
May, 2008 Songs of My People: Cultural Identity through the Music of Greece and Cyprus
Feb, 2008 Cultures from Around the World: A Dance Performance
Jan, 2008 Lawn Party
Jan, 2008 Beethoven String Quartet. Opus 18, no. 1
Dec, 2007 Holiday Open House
Robert Graham
Dec, 2007 The Late Style: Implications for the Artist and the Architect
Nov, 2007 Women's Live and Loves: A Musical Exploration
Nov, 2007 What Can You Do With Greensleeves II: A Baroque Jam Session
Nov, 2007 Reading/Book Signing: The Age of Discrepancies. Art and visual culture in Mexico
Marta Palau
Nov, 2007 Body of Work
Robert Graham
Oct, 2007 Crosses and Crossroads. Lecture and Performance by Malaleche
Oct, 2007 Artist's Talk: Roger Herman
Roger Herman
Oct, 2007 Curate Me This: It's not just about the pretty pictures
Oct, 2007 Perspectives on Museum Careers
Sep, 2007 Cotton Candy Fiesta
Group Show
Sep, 2007 Material Affinities: To Clay and Back
Lynda Benglis, Richard Deacon, Roger Herman, Ann Page, Michael Todd
Apr, 2007 Art in the Village: The Best of 2006-2007
Group Show
Apr, 2007 USC Roski School of Fine Arts Annual Undergraduate Exhibition
Group Show
Apr, 2007 Unified Field (A)
Group Show
Feb, 2007 Sheer Paint, Sheer Poetry
Mark Irwin
Nov, 2006 Then and Now: Highlights from the USC Fisher Gallery Collections
Jan, 1985 Sunshine and Shadow: Recent Painting in Southern California
Robert Ackerman, Richard Baker, William Brice, Karen Carson, Lois Colette, Ronald Davis, Richard Diebenkorn, John Eden, Llyn Foulkes, Charles Garabedian, Candice Gawne, Joe Goode, James Hayward, Charles Christopher Hill, Craig Kauffman, Gary Lang, Dan McCleary, Arnold Mesches, John M. Miller, Ed Moses, Margit Omar, Marc Pally, Pierre Picot, Peter Plagens, Luis Serrano, Reesey Shaw, Ernest Silva, Tom Wudl