Works on Paper

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Works on Paper

121 Orchard St.
10002 New York
March 13th, 2010 - April 17th, 2010
Opening: March 13th, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Wed-Sat 12-7; Sun 1-6


Paris becomes the capital of drawing during the month of March.  There are countless drawing expositions during this month, many of which can be found in galleries.  In light of this, Galerie Jean-Luc & Takako Richard proudly presents this exposition, Works on Paper,  of 21st century drawings from fifteen of the gallery`s artists in its two spaces.  The goal of this exposition is to underline the importance and the variety of forms of contemporary drawing.  Furthermore, this exposition creates a dialogue between the aesthetic and technical qualities of drawing that the artists have chosen to portray.

Works on Paper combines the work of Galerie Richard artists such as Christophe Avella-Bagur, Benjamin Edwards, Beverly Fishman, Sven-Ole Frahm, Carl Fudge, Ron Gorchov, Hervé Huezé, Stefan Hoenerloh, Shirley Kaneda, Alain Kirili, Judy Pfaff, Paul Henry Ramirez, Adam Ross, Alice Stepanek & Steve Maslin and Christoph Wedding. At first, it seems impossible to connect the works of this vast exhibition, which is comprised of artists of many different nationalities, cultures and visual conceptions.  Nevertheless, new dialogues are created.

A large part of the gallery space will be dedicated to abstract drawing.  The artists Beverly Fishman, Sven-Ole Frahm,  Ron Gorchov, Shirley Kaneda, Alain Kirili, Paul Henry Ramirez, and Christophe Wedding each created their own worlds, dominated by a profusion of forms, motifs and colors.  Regardless, the exposition is no Tower of Babel : it demonstrates that despite geographical, physical and ethnic obstacles, artists speak the same language, one of visual rhythm.  In contrast with the work of these eight artists are the figurative works on the human soul of Christophe Avella-Bagur, the luminous spaces of Hervé Huezé, the cityscapes of Stefan Hoenerloh, the landscapes of Alice Stepanek and Steven Maslin.  The cities of Benjamin Edwards and Adam Ross can be seen in an abstract way while the works of Carl Fudge create a connection between abstraction and figuration.  A baroque quality dominates Judy Pfaff`s work, which are enchanting in their lightness and chaotic multidimensionality.  

On the other hand, Works on Paper will offer perspective into the rich quality of the medium of paper.  The artists represented in this exhibition are characterized by the originality and innovativeness of their technique.  For example, take the metamorphoses of the sculptor Alain Kirili- drawings of charcoal and water on tracing paper.  Through Judy Pfaff`s technique, paper becomes a three-dimensional microcosm sculpture.  Ron Gorchov, Hervé Heuzé, Shirley Kaneda portray the return of watercolor, oftentimes a forgotten medium.  In contrast, the work far presto by Alain Kirili harnesses a vital energy while the work of Shirley Kaneda is calm and meticulous.  Roy Gorchov`s work celebrates the curves of paper while Judy Pfaff`s shows cut, collaged and superimposed paper forms.  Between the two figurative painters, Stefan Hoenerloh`s bic pen drawings are the preliminary sketches for his paintings while Christoph Avella-Bagur`s drawings are stylistically directly linked to his paintings.  Without working in vain, this exposition shows the vast variety of contemporary creation on paper.