Hotel Everland

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Hotel Everland © courtesy of the Artists
Hotel Everland

13, Ave du Président Wilson
75016 Paris
November 16th, 2007 - December 31st, 2008

16th Arrondissement
+33 (1) 47 23 54 01
Wed-Mon 12pm - 12 am


The artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann (L/B) are not new to the Palais de Tokyo, having contributed a piece to the CINQ MILLIARDS
D’ANNEES (Five Billion Years) exhibition. Now they have created a novel installation on the Palais’s roof. A work of art AND a hotel, the Ever-
land project offers each visitor a unique opportunity to experience a piece of art from within, in the same way one spends a night in a hotel.
Installed right on the Palais de Tokyo’s roof, more than 30 meters above the Seine, the Everland Hotel features an exceptional point of view on
Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Peering through the hotel’s large curtainless round window overlooking the “salon-lounge” area, settled on one of
the comfortable sofas, visitors will find themselves seemingly suspended on the edge of the sky. Double bed, minibar, embroidered bath linens,
wifi connection and breakfast served in the room—the Everland offers of course all the comfort of a luxury hotel thanks to a partnership with
the Sezz Hotel ( The care taken and the many choices made by the artists can be seen everywhere, from the retro-futurist
design of the site to the little “surprises” like the collection of LPs and their turntable or the playful way reservations are made, along with lots of
other details waiting to be discovered on site.
SAbInA LAnG / DAnIEL bAumAnn
The duo Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann (L/B), are especially known for their installations inviting the viewer to actively participate in the piece
sometimes to the point of his or her becoming one of its components. Sabina Lang is born in 1972 in Berne (Switzerland) and Daniel Baumann
in 1967 in San Francisco. They work together since the biginning of the 90’s and they live in Burgdorf and Zürich. Everland was designed and
build by L/B and a craftsmen’s team in Burgdorf.
Both a work of art and a hotel, the Everland project represents a unique chance for each visitor to be at the heart of a work of art in the same
way that one spends a night in a hotel. Created for the Swiss National Exhibition, Expo. 02, the Everland Hotel was originally set up in Yverdon
on Lake Neuchâtel, before being installed on the roof of Leipzig’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Drawing its inspiration from Joe Colombo’s
retro-futurist design and the experiments in residential architecture carried out in the 1960s in Finland around the Futuro houses, the Everland
Hotel was conceived as a modifiable architecture. An interactive sculpture meant to be experienced from the inside in order to discover excep-
tional sites from an always surprising point of view, Everland is accessible to visitors during the day just like all the other works of art on display
at the Palais de Tokyo, before being turned over at 6 P.M. to those who have booked a night in the hotel.