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Untitled, 2009 Oilstick On Paper 53 X 42 Cm © Courtesy of the artist & VAN DER STEGEN Gallery

41 rue du Faubourg St-Martin, Passage Goublier

September 11th, 2010 - October 21st, 2010
Opening: September 11th, 2010 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

10th Arrondissement
+ 33 6 75 21 84 70
Wednesday to Saturday, 2pm > 7pm


The gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition presenting for the first time works by all of its artists. Entitled Hidden, the exhibition will focus on the intention to hide all or part of a subject in order to change its nature, status and provide other meanings.

To hide is not to erase. It’s rather a way of taking a detour to distance oneself from an obvious fact or from a widely accepted idea. The motivations and processes are numerous. The results are, too. But they come together in a fascinating paradox: concealment and creation are complicit forces which work together and often coincide.

Carl D’Alvia blurs the boundary between drawing and sculpture by presenting, on a plinth, a large surface of paper almost entirely covered with ballpoint pen / Pesce Khete uses portrait as a point of departure; by loosely painting the head, he frees himself from the principles of representation and narration and retains only the idea of human life / John Phillip Abbott metamorphoses the letters of his writings. In this way he multiplies the meanings of words and reinforces the hesitation between what is seen and what is read / Melissa Steckbauer reveals the “hidden side” of her subjects which she humanizes through their hidden desires and fantasies / SR Labo uses an object from a Platonic study (the icosahedron) and gives it an ephemeral power by enclosing a crystalline light within / Marine Pages makes the sky and horizon disappear which emphasizes the line of the roads in her natural, highly contrasted landscapes.

So many examples that demonstrate that concealment represents a theoretical interest, formal entertainment or a feeling of empathy…In Hidden; each artist finds their discourse and chooses their process. For the viewer it will be a paper chase where the notions of means and ends are difficult to detect.