Galerie Perrotin is pleased to present a group exhibition th at brings together
the works of Harold Ancart\, Kristin Baker\, Mark B arrow\, Nina Beier\, Anna
Betbeze\, Mark Flood\, Thilo Heinzmann\, Joh n Henderson\, Scott Lyall\, Jayson
Musson\, Renaud Regnery and Pae Whi te. The twelve artists\, spanning Europe
and the US\, will take over t he three exhibition spaces of the Parisian venue\,
with a large majori ty of new works conceived for the exhibition.
Drawing on the abstract painting group show organized at the gallery in 2010\,
this exhibition focuses on process and hybridity in abstract painting today.
Performa nce in painting\, non-traditional techniques and materials\, crafts and
design\, symbolism\, current technology - the works presented in the exhi bition
are evidence of the renewal of pictorial research beyond the tr aditional concept
of the medium.
Many thanks to all the artists a nd collaborating galleries. All works courtesy of the artists and
the following galleries: Harold Ancart\, Courtesy C L E A R I N G\, New York - Kristin Baker\,
Courtesy The Suzanne Geiss Company\, New York. Photo: Mats Nordman - Mark Barrow\,
Courtesy Elizabeth Dee\, New York - Nina Beier\, Courtesy Standard (OSLO)\, Oslo.
Photo: Vegard Kleven - Anna B etbeze\, Courtesy Kate Werble Gallery\, New York. Photo:
Elisabeth Ber nstein - Mark Flood\, Courtesy Peres Projects\, Berlin - Thilo Heinzmann\,< br />Courtesy Galerie Guido W. Baudach\, Berlin. Photo: Roman März - John H enderson\,
Courtesy Galerie Perrotin\, Hong Kong &\; Paris - Scott Lyall\, Courtesy Campoli Presti\, London
/ Paris - Jayson Musson\, Cou rtesy Salon 94\, New York - Renaud Regnery\, Courtesy Elizabeth
Dee\, New York - Pae White\, Courtesy kaufmann repetto\, milano\; Courtesy 1301PE \, Los Angeles.

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