Special Edition: FIAC - Dodi Tabbaa

Dodi Tabbaa, ISTANBUL, 2012, digital collage on dibond, 50 x 60cm.


Dodi Tabbaa

Dodi Tabbaa is a multi-media artist based in Jordan. Born in Pakistan, Tabbaa received her BFA in Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Lahore, Pakistan, and a postgraduate diploma in printmaking, textile design and typography in the United Kingdom. She has exhibited internationally and her work is included in numerous public and private collections.

The work ISTANBUL was included in the exhibition Liquid Identities, curated by Luca Curci, at the International Art Expo, an exhibition "which revolves around the concept of fluidity, movement, evolution and constant change of the city and of the relationships in them." Tabbaa writes, "As an artist when you visit a vibrant and beautiful city like Istanbul without hesitation you start planning an art project. The historical and contemporary features of this very special city enable you to imagine and project. For me, the light the sea and the sky made up the best starting point. The rest just fell into place."