Special Edition: FIAC - Carol Ladewig

Carol Ladewig, Year in Color, Lunar Cycles, 2012 (detail, work in progress), 2012, wooden panels with acrylic and gouache, one panel for each day denoting the percentage of visibility of the moon, 70 x 135 in.


Carol Ladewig

Year in Color, Lunar Cycles 2012 (52 weeks and two Days), developed from a desire to give an abstraction (time) a literal and visual shape. This is the second Year in Color project. To create a visual record of the 2012 lunar cycles, Ladewig is painting on 5 x 5 inch wood panels to represent each day. The percentage of the visible moon is translated into a percentage of the panel using metric scale measurements. The illuminated section of the moon is represented by a palette derived from variations of primary colors, red, blue and yellow plus white, while a mixture of blacks and blues represents the moon in shadow. The color for each day begins with the previous day's color, and develops from responses to events that happened on that day, coupled with a curiosity about and love of color.

Carol Ladewig lives and works in Oakland, California. Ms. Ladewig received a BA from the University of California, Berkeley and her MFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts.

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