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ArtSlant Salesroom: Works by Anatoliy Sivkov

Anatoliy Sivkov (b. 1952, Siberia)

Anatoliy Sivkov's paintings are characterized by a kaleidoscopic complexity of colour, the layered impasto of his palette, and an applied etching technique that reinforces a sense of flatness in his composition. Sivkov’s style is enormously individualistic and is evasive of all stylistic classification. His art holds a tense equilibrium between unrelinquish expression and compositional exactitude.

Sivkov’s art is nurtured by the heavy, garish sumptuousness of his palette. His colours and application of, are powerfully expressive. The eloquence of his colours come to delineate the non-perspectival pictorial space. Combined with the impasto texture of his work, Sivkov's palette effectively creates a technically sensorial opus.

Education: Studied from 1966-73 at the renowned Novosibirsk State University in Akademgorodok.

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