Call for applications: HEAD - Geneve MA Programmes in Design


HEAD - Geneva University of Art and Design

15 Bd James-Fazy, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

Phone +41 22 388 51 00, Fax +41 22 388 51 59

Deadline for application:
13 May 2011

7–8 June 2011


Exhibition design - Space and graphic design - Urban design - Commercial design - Event design

This programme renews the links between spatial design, interior architecture, graphic art and signage. Enriched  by inter-disciplinary exchanges, it offers a new approach to design. In correlation with urbanism, plastic arts and architecture, which influence its reflective and creative processes and positioning, the Masters associates, without amalgamating them, graphic design and spatial design to create a completely new area of convergence. It promotes the creative and rigorous progress of students and the production of concrete and significant projects.

At the end of their course, students will be able to master the conceptualisation and the fabrication of signifying, commercial or museographic spaces and their resolution on a real-life scale.


Interaction Design - Information Design - Electronic publishing - Mobile Media

The Media Design Master programme positions itself at the crossroads of creation, media and innovation, while tracking the transformations of design practices brought about by emerging technologies. It aims to train interaction designers with the theoretical and practical expertise necessary for the direction of complex multimedia projects.

The program focuses on several areas of research: interaction design, information design and electronic publishing, mobile media design. It combines in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of digital media with the acquisition of design process skills and specific techniques in prototyping, programming, modelling, visualization and animation.

Practical information

Language: teaching is in French with additional contributions in English.

Duration: 4 semesters. October 2011–June 2013.

Credits: 90 ECTS

Qualification awarded:

Master of Arts HES-SO in Design

• major Media Design

• major Spaces and Communication

Required qualifications:

• Higher education Bachelors degree (HES, Higher education school or university) or equivalent


• Professional experience deemed equivalent.

Fees: CHF 500.- per semester

Deadline for application: 13 May 2011

Interviews: 7–8 June 2011

Start of the academic year: 3 October 2011

Admission requirements, procedures and application forms are available at