Rivers and Tides

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Rivers and Tides

Aug 2012
art quilt, textile, cottons and silks
32 x 23 x 1 inches
© Roberta Baker

Price: $1562.50

Well, I have named this quilt after the beautiful and inspiring documentary by the artist Andy Goldsworthy, "Rivers and Tides", because the patterns of the fabric remind me of the motion of water. I have used lots of machine embroidery, sometimes with contrasting threads and sometimes with blending colors, to bring out these patterns. This is a different sort of a quilt for me, for two reasons.

First of all, it is an entirely abstract, non-representational piece, and most of my quilts are at the very least impressionistic. Here, I have used a simple design, sort of based on a nine patch structure, just letting the fabric speak for and represent itself !

Secondly, aside from the background fabrics, I have used exclusively hand-marbled cloth. This summer I have been learning and experimenting with marbling cloth. It can be a fairly simple technique, done in one's kitchen sink, and the results are quite fascinating. Each piece of fabric is marbled seperately and each one is unique. They capture the motion of the dye, which is suspended on top of "heavy" water, sort of like taking a snapshot of some swirling colors.

I hope to do more marbling in the future and learn more of the potential complexities of this technique !

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Rivers and Tides
Aug 2012
art quilt, textile, cottons and silks
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Other Medium
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32 x 23 x 1 inches
Roberta Baker
Art quilt, contemporary art quilt, wall quilt, fabric art, Textile Art, marbling, hand marbled fabric, machine embroidery, nine patch