JMB Night Fishing For Picasso

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JMB Night Fishing For Picasso

Digital Hybrid

© Philippe Sauvie


This piece is a digital hybrid form of graffiti where I've acquired images by Basquiat who painted crude images of the life he saw around him and added literary content. The image is also inspired by Picasso's famous painting entitled: 'Night Fishing At Antibe.' I have altered them and recomposed them to include images of Picasso himself amidst his rival Matisse's goldfish. Picasso himself is confronted with his own namesake... the 'Picasso Trigger Fish' that somehow looks like many of his portraits of Dora Marr etc. etc. A  portrait of Picasso as the young painter is seen with in a crude drawing by Basquiat and wearing the painters iconic striped shirt which is also worn by the image of Basquiat himself but is revealed as stripes consisting of the image of wafer board (OSB: Oriented Strand Board). This is the material that reveals me. This is the material that I paint on all the time and is hidden under many of my paintings and revealed and others in important ways. The image is also a kind of battle between artists Basquiat, Picasso, Matisse and who knows how many others but also of course include myself. Because I agree with Picasso, 'The artist always paints himself!" This is a self-portrait in other words.

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JMB Night Fishing For Picasso
Digital Hybrid
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Technology & Digital Art
Philippe Sauvie
surrealism, Night fishing, night, polkadots, goldfish, Gold fish, Matisse, picasso, conceptual, fish, fishing, postmodern, grafitti