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C-PRINT Lambda (medium format digital Hasselblad) Edition 4/11
80 x 80 centimeters
© Bruno Houdayer

Price: $1000.00

BRUNO HOUDAYER, 39, birthplace Orléans - France.

Bruno Houdayer introduced himself as createur visuel. He shows a pictorial vision of his works by a continuous work of research on textures and the composition of his images.
He composes his images by creating or revealing new balances and movements which detail our daily lives.

His work shows an energetic, graphic and colourful vision of his environment.
His favorited fields are industrial and urban landscapes coupled with a deep fascination for the organic and vegetal.

In most of his realizations, Bruno Houdayer chooses to attribute a first place, in the background images. Doing like this he surprises us, giving to this one a strength to which we are not often used to.
During the realization of his images, the author wishes to share the emotional and visual feeling imprint: sharing of a bright, colored and peaceful universe.

Bruno Houdayer chooses to work on square image composition with his faithful medium format (Hasselblad).

For the past three years he has been dividing his time between Paris, where he does the majority of his commissioned work, and Barcelona. It is in Catalonia, inspired by the light and wealth of colour, that he works on his artistic projects.

Artistic collaborations & commissioned works :

Photography art books
> The history of the town of St Denis with sculptures by Serbian ceramist Dijana Melvan
> The architectural value of "Les Jardins de Renaudie". This project of social housing was one of the most important and well-known works of French architect Jean Renaudie. This photography series was in collaboration with Stefan Kraus, a Franco Swiss specialist in architectural photography.

Events visual designs
since 2005
 - photographer and designer alongside Véronique Delacour, French creative designer in the luxury goods sector (event lighting and creation of photographic visuals - window displays, backdrops for events etc)
 - photographer with French designer Pierre Euzen on event photography and scenography.
> artistics photographic visuals - window displays for the headquarter in Paris of the french Maison GRAND MARNIER - Alverone Agency
> artistics photographic visuals for launching operation of GEMEY PARIS MAYBELLINE NEW YORK MASCARA - Novaltex/Alverone Agencies
> artistics photographic visuals - window displays for Maison TORAYA, japonese confectionery to the Imperial Family - Alverone Agency

> Feb-March 2011, exhibition of photographs "ENERGY" series, Studio Art Concept gallery, Bordeaux - France
> Dec 2012, exhibition of photographs from "ENERGY" series, Bôkaz gallery, Paris - France

1997-2006 Several professional assignments in visual merchandising
& audiovisual projects managing director
2007-2008 Life drawing classes at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris - France
2007-2009 Master Class in Still-Life Photography, assistant of Jean-Charles Recht, famous french photographer specialised in perfume, cosmetics and beauty in Paris.
2009-2011 Artistic researchs works in Barcelona - Spain for his "ENERGY" exhibition

Since 2007, Bruno Houdayer works as freelance on commissionned works in luxury, design & architecture fields

Full Artwork Details
C-PRINT Lambda (medium format digital Hasselblad) Edition 4/11
Medium Category:
Limited Editions
Original Dimensions:
80 x 80 centimeters
Bruno Houdayer
Earth, texture, black, wave, concrete