Save the Polar Bear - Now or Never

Save the Polar Bear - Now or Never

archival print adaped from original painting

© 2010


Adapted from the "Eco-Animal Awareness" series of 13 original abstract/realism color field paintings with collage and wordage.  The works carry a "saying" to make the viewer aware of real happenings in the world concerning wildlife and ecology.   The colorful depictions and statements are a learning tool for all ages. 

Wildlife faces their 6th great extinction, this one man-made, thru human overpopulation, habitat loss, pollution and poaching for so called cures.  Every creature is important for the eco-system balance.  Cloning does not produce creatures with the same make up they acquire by doing their thing to survive in the wild nor would it keep plants necessary for clean waters..  How extraordinarily selfish to eliminate species for profit or by neglect of their needs.

"Save the Polar Bear - Now or Never" captures the poignant message of  the impending extinction of the polar bear due to global warming.  Even if the earth's axis are tipping, the amount of planetary warming in the last 100 years is directly related to industrial man and his pollution.  Seals, walrus, whales as well as other creatures that call very cold weather home are threatened too.

To propose drilling of oil in the Arctic directly in areas where the bear dens is outrageous!  There is also the fact there is no way to cap a spill in icy waters.  Petroleum is cancer causing - promote clean energy sources in your lifetime.

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Save the Polar Bear - Now or Never
archival print adaped from original painting
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wildlife, Extinction, blue, Polar Bear, Arctic, wilderness, nature