Portrait of the Inside Out King

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Portrait of the Inside Out King

Jan 2010
Oil and mixed media on canvas mounted on plywood
24 x 36 x 2 inches
© 2010

Price: $1312.50

One of my current works is made through this method - the portrait of the inside-out king. Garbage on plywood : ).

I found it best to save the scraps from my own studio to illustrate a few points and save myself from a few others. Illustrate the connection of all things, and the use of all things. The same idea as painting on the palette while you are painting on the painting. And the same idea as compounding learning and progression within the artist first and the work second. The cut pieces of canvas, the dirt of the floor, these are products of my work as valid as a finished painting taken in the context of only work and not the end result. Taken as simply material which has touched the artist's hand they are equal. In the trimming of a canvas, which piece of canvas is more canvas? The piece stretched to the frame or the scrap cut off? If you're referring to a canvas philosophically, then the stretched piece holds greater meaning. It is canvas, as it is used. The scrap is negligible. Taken another way, as only material, not so. Are the flakes of skin we shed daily any less skin than the living ones on our body that are revealed by the shedding? Only across time. They were once the same, the dead cells are a negative of the living skin.

Same as the canvas, the trimmed pieces are a negative of the process and the "usable" piece. Same as a negative of a photograph isn't useless at all, neither should those pieces be. They hold meaning, and use. They speak to the alterabiliy of canvas through the tool use and artist's hand. Why destroy the negatives of a process? Why take pieces that have seen influence from an artist's hand and disregard them?

This is a portrait of the artist, and the possibility of honesty within art. Ugliness, trth, and utter humanity is not a scrap within life. And within my vision, the scraps you see here are no longer merely that.

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Portrait of the Inside Out King
Jan 2010
Oil and mixed media on canvas mounted on plywood
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24 x 36 x 2 inches
surrealism, figurative, mixed-media