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The Artist Next Door

Occasionally we are given a glimpse into the artist as mere mortal.  The same men and women who produce art that is sold for millions at auction and are discussed and dissected for hours by scholars and the common man do, indeed, walk among us; and “From Picasso to Koons: The Artist as Jeweler” is proof.   The most admired and glorified modern and contemporary artists are also jewelers.  Who knew?  And this small, yet impressive, exhibition is a precious reminder that art need not take on... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 3/19/13

Cabinet of Unreal Curiosities

by Nathaniel Sandler
Every single person is guaranteed to have a Melvillean moment when walking around the UNNATURAL multi-media exhibit at the Bass Museum Miami Beach. The whale. You see it out of a side-glance when entering the main exhibition hall. Dar-she-blows. Children will run feverishly across the room toward it. Adults will surely want to, but etiquette dictates following the unspoken museum protocol that anyone over the age of twelve should not run cackling toward large-scale models of megafauna. But like... [more]
Posted by Nathaniel Sandler on 10/24/12

The Art of Small Things

by Eduardo Alexander Rabel
A few years back I had the good fortune of being able to see Charles LeDray's grand retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. That exhibition was jam-packed with countless creations, each meticulously handcrafted with the artist's renowned attention to detail. In one sense, LeDray's current exhibition at the Bass Museum of Art might be considered the exact opposite, in that it consists of just four works, each set apart in its own ample space. Yet such an enumeration does... [more]
Posted by Eduardo Alexander Rabel on 7/4/12

Home / Body

by Eduardo Alexander Rabel
The Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm has brought his surreal sense of humor to the Bass Museum of Art, filling up gallery spaces and walls with a playful exhibition that explores the relationships between the human body and the clothing and architecture that surround it.The exhibition takes its title from a comic book that the artist used to read as a child. He would hide this comic book in different spots within his bedroom so that his parents wouldn't find it. That childhood relationship to... [more]
Posted by Eduardo Alexander Rabel on 2/20/12

On the Right Track

by Gretchen Wagoner
        I could take my mom to “Human Rites”, the current show at the Bass Museum.  My mom, not having much of a background or knowledge of contemporary art, still appreciates art and appreciates history.  At "Human Rites", one can look at works from times past, side by side to their newer counterparts, initiating a launching point for discussion about art. “Human Rites” at the Bass Museum is co-curated by Executive Director and Chief Curator, Silvia Karman Cubiñá and Adjunct Curator... [more]
Posted by Gretchen Wagoner on 9/5/10

High Life at the Bass

by Trong Gia Nguyen
        The climate this year at Art Basel Miami Beach definitely brightened up from the previous year, with lots of red dots lifting the spirits of dealers, artists, and collectors alike. There were no shortage of parties, star power, or fairs (19 and counting) piggybacking the annual artworld pilgrimage. Some of the random excitement this year included the private Santigold concert organized by Deitch Projects at the Raleigh Hotel, the wacky seizure of works by U.S. marshals from the... [more]
Posted by Trong Gia Nguyen on 12/15/09

For a Song

Conceptual artist Simon Starling (b. 1967 Epsom, England) explores the relationships between craft, material, technique, social history, association and memory. Inverted Retrograde Theme, USA (House for a Songbird) is comprised of two scale models of prefabricated single-family houses that are pinned to the ceiling by tree branches. They are each a one fifth-scale recreation of existing homes located outside San Juan, Puerto Rico. Built in the 1960s, these houses were part of a postwar... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 9/5/09

Seven Walks

Mexican based artist, Francis Alÿs (b. 1959, Antwerp, Belgium), investigates a sense of desolation in his video The Nightwatch (2004), which takes place in the famed National Portrait Gallery in London. The subject matter of the film is a fox exploring the Tudor and Georgian rooms while being filmed from the high viewpoint of the museum's state-of-the-art security cameras. The animal scampers from room to room appearing confused and out of context as the cameras capture its every move. The... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 9/4/09
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