Limner Gallery

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Limner Gallery
123 Warren St.
Hudson, NY
Venue Type: Gallery

May 11th - June 3rd
Art Biologic
Alberto Barrera, Kathleen Benton, Lev Bogorov, Betty Busby, Sandy Clift, D.O., Judy Glasel, Kevin D. Hammon, Sara harris, Janel Houton, Sarah Jantzi, Monika Jasnauskaite, Dawn Lee, Janice Loe, Cynthia McCusker, Cailey McKenna, Vince Natale, Carey Netherton, Keith Parks, Judith Peck, Sarah Schneiderman, Andrew Stringer, Gilbert Sutherland, Amy Williams
Open hours
Thu-Sat 12-5; Mon-Wed by appt.
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About the Gallery:
Limner Gallery was founded in 1987, in a storefront in Manhattan’s East Village. At that time, the East Village was the center of the alternative art scene and Limner quickly became notorious for it’s controversial and provocative exhibitions. The focus of the gallery is alternative figurative art not found in mainstream commercial galleries, emphasizing highly detailed rendering and political / social commentary.

In 1990, Limner relocated to a larger space at 598 Broadway in Manhattan’s Soho art district, across from the New Museum. From 1995 through 2004 Limner also operated a storefront on Mulberry Street and a loft gallery at 870 Avenue of the Americas in midtown Manhattan. The currently location in Hudson was established in 2006.

The gallery name, Limner, was derived from the original term used to describe the itinerant artists of Colonial America. These self-employed, independent artists traveled to various locations in search of
painting work.