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A new and sympathetic masculine mythology

by Aldrin Valdez
It’s clear from looking at Robin F. Williams’s recent work at PPOW that the painter has been busy. “Sons of the Pioneers,” her second solo show at the gallery since 2011, consists of ten oil paintings and one drawing (all created between 2012 and 2014). It’s an ambitious exhibition that builds from her last series of portraits, which featured teenagers hiding behind tough looks and couture armor. The textures and the overly elaborate details of their outfits were thrilling. They pulled you in... [more]
Posted by Aldrin Valdez on 3/12/14

New Curators: A Sequel

by Michelle Levy
          Viewing art in August is a challenge for our sun-dazed brains. We seek the ice cream version of art: guilty pleasures that are light, fun… a little risqué? But here is an exhibition that reminds us that some substance can be good, even in this heat. Young Curators New Ideas III at PPOW is a commendable survey presenting a snapshot of current curatorial methodologies. The exhibition, the 3rd in an annual series, is divided into six micro-exhibitions organized by each curator or... [more]
Posted by Michelle Levy on 7/31/10

Separate But Equal

by Charlie Schultz
If August were a litmus test for an art gallery it would distinguish between three types: the weak, who close shop; the dull, who dust off their golden oldies, and the tireless, who emerge to test ideas too experimental for any other time of the year. Like a late night scene at a nightclub, the far end of the tireless section is typically crowded with young people. And the beauty of being in a place like this is unconventional, like courting serendipity with buckets full of planned... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 8/16/09
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