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Bryant and Luckring at SolwayJones

Strange, quirky, almost ridiculous, the new photographs of Elizabeth Bryant are at once complex and simplistic, choreographed and crude.  Using the Japanese art of ikebana flower arrangement as a jumping off point, Bryant's carefully crafted scenarios present a rabbit-hole reality that both enchants and disorients the viewer. Ikebana flower arrangement began as a ritual offering to the spirits of the dead.  Over centuries, this ritual crystallized into a formal and rigorous art form that... [more]
Posted by Victor Nine on 3/18/08

A Look at Diane Landry

by Ed Schad
Although middle aged, Quebec-based Diane Landry just recently acquired her MFA at Stanford. Her exhibition at Solway Jones is her first show and there is only one piece in the gallery, École d'aviation (Flying School). Basically, the sculpture is twenty umbrellas opening and closing using makeshift kinetic devices, bobbing and swaying back and forth as if in a breeze. Actually, if the ad hoc constructions of John Bock or Jessica Stockholder were set into motion, it might look like Landry’s... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 2/10/08

Cherie Benner Davis, Best Laid Plans, Flavorpill

by Shana nys Dambrot LA painter Cherie Benner Davis sees the world in layered transparencies — crisp geometric shapes overlaying expressive, devotional elements of the physical and psychological world. Davis' interlocking systems reflect the moments in life when the organic and manufactured, the chaotic and the formalized, the logical and the irrational are forced into dialogue. Freeways, renovations, natural disasters, falling in love, the central nervous system; Davis bring these and other... [more]
Posted by Cherie Benner Davis on 11/1/07

Cherie Benner Davis, ArtScene California

by Elenore Welles Geometry as a means of describing nature derives from an ancient communication for identifying life forms in the chain of existence. As a way of seeing the world autobiographically, it has a long tradition among artists, scientists and occultists. Cherie Benner Davis continues that convention through grids, floor plans and maps, each a reflection of a personal core of ideas and experiences. A master colorist, her subtle disposition of color areas holds her geometric... [more]
Posted by Cherie Benner Davis on 12/1/07

It's a Woman's World, LA Weekly, Pick of the Week

By Peter Frank Intimate, idiosyncratic art symptomizes its era. Is it sexist, or otherwise presumptuous, to see such art as particularly sensitive to the tribulations of the Zeitgeist when it’s made by women artists? Certainly, the delicate, irresistibly poignant collages and box assemblages of the late Hannelore Baron speak of their times, or at least their maker’s. Fleeing Nazi Germany to New York as a child, Baron turned her well-earned anxieties into an art of deep pathos, fragility... [more]
Posted by Cherie Benner Davis on 12/20/07

The Day The Earth Began to Spin Faster

by Nicholas Grider
 Susan Silton’s exhibition title for her five new large-scale color photographs, does not actually refer to the film, The Day the Earth Stood Still.  While these photos are underpinned by film stills Silton chose of mid-century sci-fi films, the title refers to a still used from a different (but probably similar) film, The Day the Earth Caught Fire.   The tension between “standing still” and “catching fire” is at the center of these five new works.  Huge and vibrant bands of color overlay the... [more]
Posted by Nicholas Grider on 9/27/07
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