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Post-War American Sculpture in Chelsea

Donald Judd at David Zwirner Gallery is just one of three major sculpture exhibits now on view in Chelsea. This exhibit seen along side John Chamberlain's show (at the Gagosian through July 8th) and the Jasper Johns exhibit (at Matthew Marks through July 1st) make a fine medley of post-war American sculpture. A 2004 press release written by The Pace Gallery for its show "Donald Judd: Large Scale-Works" (also of late 80's work by Judd) quotes Dutch Art Historian Rudi Fuchs, who advises to... [more]
Posted by GiaRicciContemporaryArt on 6/19/11

A Look at Marcel Dzama

by Keith Miller
Marcel Dzama has long done what only few of the best surrealists did: reconcile apparently incongruent elements resulting in a fusion that is simultaneously impossible and poetic, poignant and incoherent. continues to meander playfully between the innocent and the perverse, the political and the comic, but goes a step further. With a successful move from two-dimensional work to installation and film and video, Even the Ghost of the Past has a pairing of elements even more unique than past... [more]
Posted by Keith Miller on 4/10/08

Preaching to the Choir but Still Effective

by Chris Bors
With the war in Iraq going on its fourth year, and no end in sight, artists increasingly turn their attention on our Vietnam. Raymond Pettibon fills David Zwirner with a large grouping of works on paper, hung salon style, many of which comment on this administration’s disastrous foreign policy. The addition of large dripping text painted directly on the walls sets off each arrangement into distinct sections. Pettibon’s work never comes across as propaganda, but his drawings—often overworked... [more]
Posted by Chris Bors on 9/20/07