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Attoe in Culver City

by Ed Schad
I panned Dan Attoe’s last show at Peres Projects in 2006. I argued then that Attoe’s neon signs (loud, assertive images which he placed in Peres’ old Chung King Road space on paneled walls) made it impossible to determine if Attoe’s project was a critique (which in this case would have been an indictment of conservative “redneck” culture, which according to the work, could be aligned with warmongering and sexism) or whether Attoe was simply bringing that culture unapologetically into... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 9/14/09

Like a Turkey

by Sasha Bergstrom-Katz
      Joe Bradley's "Like A Turkey Thru Corn" surprised me.  I've seen his work before, but never anything like this.  Usually his shows consist of large figures comprised of multiple monochromatic canvases, towering over their audience in the gallery.  The new work, large uncoated canvases, with simple black line drawings done in a childish manner at first seems unrelated.I gave the show some time.  I always liked Bradley's other work and wanted to figure out some connections.  I found... [more]
Posted by Sasha Bergstrom-Katz on 4/24/09

Sack of Bones

by Vera Neykov
        at Peres Projects (Chinatown) presents work that resists, defies and denies the norm, traditional aesthetic beauty and focuses on “a sack of bones” which is deemed as useless, deformed and dead. The pieces have an irony and dark quality to them, but all connect through their “sack of bones” theme, hoping that while all of it seems irrelevant, when connected and put together, they set a unified tone. The mood is set even before entering the gallery with a piece by Andrew Rogers... [more]
Posted by Vera Neykov on 12/1/08

A Look at Paul Lee

by Hong-An Truong
Paul Lee’s use of everyday found objects has made room for comparison to Robert Rauschenberg’s sculptural “combines” of the 1950s. At the same time, it is possible to see Lee’s sculptures as extensions of Duchampian ready-mades. But Lee’s work has a quiet restraint to it, visually suggestive, perhaps even seductive, with hidden, almost delphinian-like messages. The show consists of minimalist sculptures of carefully chosen materials that recall neo-Dada and pop art objects, such as soda cans... [more]
Posted by Hong-An Truong on 3/9/08

Disorderly Self-Portrait

by Catherine Wagley
Kristine Roepstorff’s solo show at Peres Projects, titled It’s not the eye of the needle that changed—The Self, is the second installation in a three part exhibition. The exhibition started at The Drawing Center in New York with It’s not the eye of the needle that changed—Time.  The third installation, The Frame, will occur in Peres Project’s Art Basel booth in Miami. Roepstorff, a Danish artist who works in Berlin, usually makes intensely complicated and intelligently composed collage. But her... [more]
Posted by Catherine Wagley on 12/2/07

Dash Snow / Sash Dnow

by Nancy Lupo
Dash Snow is a lifestyle artist but moreover Dash Snow is a lifestyle.  For him any question about is there, or isn’t there, a separation between art and life is a non-question.  One look at his braided strawberry blonde beard and slight, elfin figure and it is certain that he’s an artist who lives in the world of his works.  His exhibition currently on view at Peres Projects, God Spoiled a Perfect Asshole When He Put Teeth in Yer Mouth, is a look into that world.In the first of Peres Projects'... [more]
Posted by Nancy Lupo on 10/13/07
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