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Condition of Dualities

by Charlie Schultz
        Coincidental Opposites, the summer group show at Causey Contemporary, takes the condition of dualities as its curatorial platform. But don’t think the exhibition’s strength emanates from the old yin-yang philosophy. Rather like a fine meal, it’s the pairing of eclectic yet complimentary elements that gives cohesion and vitality to the show as a whole. There are eight artists in the exhibition and each has contributed fully matured work. Perhaps the most spectacular is Jordan... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 8/8/10

Miles Davis Would Be proud

After visiting the opening reception for this show, I was truly shocked.  I was impressed by the collection of the pieces by the artist and the extent to which it covered:  light, airy, abstract oil on canvas and installation art to deeper, darker more intense oil & exhibit.  Without question, the collection was well shown by the gallery and the entire experience was amazing...looking forward to following this gallery and artist for years to come. [more]
Posted by ozzienewsome on 5/12/08