Socrates Sculpture Park

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The Shipwreck and the Beehive: A Sculpture Park Claims a Space for Itself, and Others

by Joel Kuennen
In the coming days, Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to sign off on (by not vetoing) a Uniform Land Use Review Proposal that will officially add Socrates Sculpture Park to the city park system and literally “put it on the map.” On this plein air exhibition space’s 30th anniversary, a more fitting symbol of acceptance could hardly be more encouraging. For a place that has shifted from ferry slip, city landfill, illegal landfill, and finally appropriated into a sculpture park, transition and... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 5/13/16

EAF08 at Socrates

by Alison Levy
The at Socrates Sculpture Park consists of a very coherent, seemingly curated, group art exhibition. Upon arriving to the grounds I immediately spotted a sculpture arranged from garbage and painted white, and then another work of a small room enclosed by Plexiglas.  This installation included a plant and a nature painting, as well as an artwork consisting of a big store's electronic doors with motion sensors and "Grand Opening" flags. It seemed that this exhibit has captured the contemporary... [more]
Posted by Alison Levy on 9/21/08

Wasted and Wanted at Socrates Sculpture Park

by Elana Rubinfeld
  is a group exhibition themed around the interpretations and responses to the motivations, goals, realities, politics, and practices of recycling. Curated by Robyn Donohue with Alyson Baker and Marichris Ty, the exhibition addresses the creative transformation of the ... [more]
Posted by Elana Rubinfeld on 5/4/08