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Bankhead in Hollywood

by Ed Schad
    For Barnett Newman, painting was a real space, a space that contains you, just like tundra or a wheat field, just like the experience of air or water and other real things. Real space envelops and the painter can manipulate the space, causing you to encounter fissures or continuities within the space, leading you even to know where you are standing and how where you are standing is different from other places. Painting is a place in the world and a place apart, and this had a spiritual... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 11/9/09

Art Forum: Steven Bankhead, Circus Gallery

Steven BankheadCircus GalleryMarch 2010By: Jan Tumlir“Battery” (2008), Steven Bankhead’s last exhibition at Circus Gallery, comprised a series ofmediumsize charcoal renderings of collaged material that the artist had culled from billboards,posters, flyers, stickers, T-shirts, graffiti, and other ephemera. Much of the imagery was lifted fromthe rock milieu and testified to rock’s ongoing recycling of a lexicon of mythical symbols originatingin avant-garde art (as described by cultural critics... [more]
Posted by Steven Bankhead on 3/1/10

Alive and Dead

by Nicholas Grider
    Dawn Kasper is a young, LA-based artist working mostly in performance, and many of those performances are meticulous, disturbing and dryly funny stagings of “her” own death—or at least the death of a character she has carefully created and then only left traces of for the performance visitor to reconstruct as if Kasper’s performance installations were art-decorated crime scenes.     They’re much more than that, though, and this is evident walking into Circus Gallery, which is for the... [more]
Posted by Nicholas Grider on 10/28/07
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