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Watchlist Artist: Ethan Cook

As human activity is increasingly made technical—molded to autocorrected, auto-tuned, or photoshopped standards—what happens to the productive potential of error? While the standardization of human experience promotes a smooth integration of individual action into a calculated and seamless collective fabric, it’s often slips of the tongue that issue neologisms or poetry, and botched experiments that bear scientific breakthroughs.  Borrowing its title from the acronym PICNIC, a slang term... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 3/20/14

Atkin and Beasley Double You

    , Kate Atkin and Becky Beasley’s exhibition at Museum 52, is a dialogue between two very smart artists thoroughly savoring a collaboration that, like their exhibition’s theme, could double on forever. At first glance, the work appears formal, minimalist, and deeply enthralled to theory. All of those things are true, but happily, most of the work is also beautiful, rife with pensive literary references and whimsical details. Museum 52’s unique two-story space is the perfect playground for... [more]
Posted by Trong Gia Nguyen on 5/18/08