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Paintings by Kathleen Morris

Working in oil with cold wax on linen, Kathleen Morris’ new works range in scale from 12” to a grand 84”. As in most of the work of her career so far, her images are figurative, or suggestive of the figure, mostly human and sometimes other species. The palette is earthy; the surface is complex, highly textured. In the exquisite small work, To War No More (12”x12”), a young face of uncertain gender appears beneath a gray and black up-swept volume, what could be a helmet or turban, weary... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 9/17/11

Paper as Skin

Writes Krista Peters: "I am working with twine, nerves, channels - a negotiation of lines that exist in physical space.  String, spanning distances, lifts objects in static movement, in calcified motion.  Paper expands and contracts, bloats, wrinkles, bubbles, ages.  As it is worked it is lived, worn through its motion.  It is pulled and prodded, torn and appended, slowly healing-over until it forms its own skin." Utilizing a variety of drawing materials and processes, including... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 7/10/11

Michael Freitas

Box Gallery  presents Michael Freitas Wood in an exhibition of new grid paintings on wood panel entitled: Consumed. Wood writes: “When there is a wealth of pictorial information from television, the internet, digital images and motion pictures, how can I breathe life into a static medium?  I offer paintings that explore this issue by creating intensely compacted, highly charged visual designs.” Built of multiple overlapping grids of contrasting pigmented modeling paste (on panel and on... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 6/5/11

Joanne Lefrak

        Mounted directly to the wall, Lefrak's scratched Plexiglas drawings, when directly lit, create nearly photo-realistic images in shadow. Lefrak writes: "My intention is to visually represent a space or place that transmits energy from the past. Each image has a story to tell, and in the same way that the shadow is connected to the drawing, the scenes that are represented are inseparable from history." The show will include drawings of Trinity Site, the infamous NM... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 9/6/10

David Nakabayashi

        Continuing in his rural surrealist vein, Nakabayashi's modestly-sized oil and acrylic canvasses are exploded American road narratives. Anonymous places and individuals are rendered with exquisite specificity in bizarre juxtapositions. The acrylic paint provides highly textured abstract backdrops for realistic rural and/or industrial landscapes and mundane human activities, but nothing here feels belittled. Nakabayashi gives us a celebratory, often hallucinatory, view of... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 5/3/10

Tom Miller Solo Exhibit

In his first solo exhibition at Box Gallery , Miller shows monochromatic - usually black or white - acrylic relief paintings on panel and on paper. The dominant imagery of "Everyman" as businessman is at once sinister and humorous. Even his series on paper of "holes" and "entries" conveys some unease. However, the witty candor of Miller's imagery is refreshing. By building layers of paint to create the contours - and sparse but significant details - of figures, architectural elements,... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 1/4/10

Between the Lines

by E-Slant Team
In these small to medium-sized abstract works, Wood lays down layer upon layer of acrylic paint and modeling paste, building grids on square or circular panels. In some paintings the surfaces are sanded smooth, to a polished, ceramic-like finish. The excitement often happens "between the lines" where pigments are allowed to escape the imposed structure.   Make Meaning For This 24 x 24 inches / acrylic, modeling paste on MDO board / 2009 [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 7/5/09

Preview for Voyage at Box Gallery

This is the third exhibition for Kathleen Morris at Box Gallery since 2005, but still one that the cognoscenti and the local art community would not want to miss. Kathleen Morris' palette is generally dark, rich and earthy. Most of her work is figurative. Bodies (human and, occasionally animal-like) are sometimes fleshed-out, sometimes unrealized: figure as form, pulled out of the layers of medium. There is no ground, rarely the suggestion of horizon. Nothing feels quite solid. Dreams come... [more]
Posted by Mark FARADAY on 4/7/09
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