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Minimal Mayhem

by Charlie Schultz
There’s nothing beautiful in this show and that’s the way the three women exhibiting work wanted it. Elena Bajo, Sara MacKillop, and Cristiana Palandri—all Europeans born in the mid-seventies—have created an assortment of sculptural assemblages from domestic and discarded material designed to flout the pretexts of aesthetic consideration. It’s the sort of work that probably wouldn’t strike you as art if it wasn’t in a gallery. In situations like this one discord is its own brand of unity and... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 12/26/11

A Life Less Lush

by Emily Nathan
    Lush Life is an exhibition, like the novel from which it takes its title, motifs, and organizational strategies, that is about the life of a community, its history, its transitions, its present.  And not just any community; no, the location—and, in fact, the subject—of this collaborative, 9-gallery exhibition, and of Richard Price’s eponymous 2008 Bestseller, is the infamous Lower East Side.  Curated by independent curators Franklin Evans and Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Lush Life enacts 9... [more]
Posted by Emily Nathan on 7/11/10

Natural Curiosity...

by Jackson McDade
Although Scaramouche appears to be presenting this solo show by Polish artist Kuba Bakowski as a casual holiday offering, Studies in Natural History actually manages to command a considerable amount of authority in the space allotted to it.  No press release is provided and the gallery does not support a full website.  However, a curious visitor can easily find a partial explanation for this intriguing collection of photographic images on the artist’s website.  For the most part, it would... [more]
Posted by Jackson McDade on 12/27/09