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What I watched and Read by Diana Rickard

Last night I attended the opening of the incredibly lovely exhibition, Without/Color. At Figureworks in Williamsburg, this show currently features three artists (there will be a second iteration of the show with an additional three artists). The first room features evocative pencil drawings of female figures by Joanne Scott. The second room features haunting watercolors by Meridith McNeal. Both rooms are guarded over by intricate and powerful terra-cotta ravens by Alexander Ney. There is a... [more]
Posted by Meridith McNeal on 10/29/15

The Presence of Time Within "In the Footsteps of the Starry Messenger"

In the Footsteps of the Starry Messenger, now on view at Figureworks Gallery in Brooklyn, is a show of works about time, but not necessarily time as we know it, manifested as the undeniable force which makes the second hand continually tick for all eternity. Time, in Meridith McNeal’s work, speaks of the timeliness that underlies all things human; the human spirit and its course. The works within In the Footsteps of the Starry Messenger were inspired by the artist’s residence at the American... [more]
Posted by Odetta Dangerfield on 1/19/10

Coats of Arms, Shoes of Feet

In January 1610, Galileo Galilei set up a telescope on the grounds of the Jesuit Collegio Romano in order to decisively show his colleagues, at long last, the movements of the planets and the moons of Jupiter. Once he had demonstrated his new findings to his satisfaction the Father of Modern Science, in true Italian fashion, threw a banquet, and several months later he published his treatise, The Starry Messenger. Astronomy was changed forever.Four hundred years later, Meridith McNeal is... [more]
Posted by lisa peet on 1/23/10

Finally - A Treat

I've just returned to the UK after spending 3 months painting in New York. I was so busy that it was only on my very last day that I got to visit Figureworks. But my last minute effort was well rewarded. The paintings on exhibition were a rare treat. I urge anyone in the locale of Figureworks to visit these exquisite works. And if there are any art collectors or investors with spare cash - they could do no better than buy any one of these (in my opinion) underpriced gems. [more]
Posted by lesleysandles on 5/12/08