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From the Margins to the Mainstream

by Natalie Hegert
More than a week after the outrageously crowded May Day opening, Shepard Fairey’s show at Deitch Projects is still somewhat of a circus.  “It’s been the busiest week of my life,” said one of the gallery directors as she simultaneously fielded questions about still-available work from several parties of interested buyers, stapled checklists, and answered emails.  As the last show at Jeffrey Deitch’s gallery before he makes the move to LA to assume the directorship of LAMOCA, was destined to make... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 5/9/10

The Spaces Behind Places

by Emily Nathan
Before entering the world of Black Acid Co-Op, a collaborative installation by Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman, I was asked by a young woman at the gallery’s reception desk to sign a release form.  Surprised by this unconventional request, I laughed and queried, half-joking—“In case something falls on me?”  She smiled, and quipped back, “Yes—or in case you fall on something.”   Though it seemed strange at the moment, this exchange now strikes me as appropriate foreshadowing for... [more]
Posted by Emily Nathan on 7/12/09

The Staging of Myth

by Will Rawls
Walking into at Deitch Projects, one has to wonder where in the world Kehinde Wiley had the room to make these paintings.  Wiley’s Sleep commands the far wall of the gallery in its 25 x 11 foot dark wood frame, portrait of a reposeful, bare-chested Black man swaddled in luminescent, creamy white cloth.  His giant hand has fallen away from his rippling chest, poised dreamily along his side, fingers astray.  His enormous body is in a soft twist, bulging with muscle; another sleepy turn and he... [more]
Posted by Will Rawls on 12/14/08

Os Gameos' Fun and Games

by Alison Levy
Os Gemeos are an art team from Sao Paulo, Brazil who happen to be identical twins. Their lively second solo show at Deitch Projects offers a warm and enchanting large-scale installation, with tons to discover in the mix.  Made of found objects and Brazilian consumer products, there are gigantic interactive wooden sculptures and plenty of graffiti-inspired painting. These high-spirited artworks find a perfect home among childlike pastels-covered walls and sculptural objects emitting... [more]
Posted by Alison Levy on 7/20/08